New Biggie Smalls Action Figure

Just in time for the holdiays. I guess Barbie, Ken and Skipper just weren't good enough.Notorious B.I.G. Deluxe Action Figure Set by Mezco

9” scale roto figure of the late influential rapper, Notorious B.I.G.. Comes dressed in his iconic white tailored cloth suit and comes complete with removable hat, cane and bling accessories. This is the first Notorious B.I.G. figure ever released and features Mezco's famous articulation.


Born Christopher George Letore Wallace in 1972 and raised in Brooklyn during its crack cocaine heyday, this man of many names (he was also known as Biggie Smalls and took on the name Big Poppa in his songs and raps, as well as Frank White, became best known as The Notorious B.I.G. (Business Instead of Game) after trading in a career in drug-dealing for one in rapping, where he'd shown his amazing talents during competitions in his neighborhood in the late 1980s.



"Nigger" vs "Nigga": White Teacher Explains

Beyonce Gets Drunk with a Run in her Stockings

I'm glad to know B knows how to get the party started! Why is it breaking news that she was drunk? Who cares, anyway, the real news is that Bouncy has a friggin run in her stocking. I love it, I just love it. The woman can sing, dance, and act but at the end of the day even Beyonce gets runs her stockings every now and then. It's nice to know she's kinda normal. Source

Johnta Austin--Turn It Up

Love this video. Yes it's kinda like Jamie and Twista's old song Slow Jams, but I still like this song. Johnta is cool with me. He's an accomplished songwriter, and is the respected pen behind such hits as the Top Ten Urban ballad "Sweet Lady" (1998), recorded by the talented singer and actor Tyrese and written by Austin at just age sixteen; Toni Braxton's "Just Be A Man (About It)" (2000); and his first R&B No. 1, Aaliyah's "Miss You (I Miss You)" (2002). His album Ocean Drive drops the day after Chirstmas.

Break Up Buzz: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Over!

PerezHilton.com is reporting that Eva and Tony are so over. Our body language expert (me) took a look at some images from their recent Oprah visit. Based on their body language, these two sure don't look like a happy couple in love...

I Would Not Touch This Man With a 10-Foot Pole

Is he serious? Clearly, Syphilis is airborne around this guy. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was in Las Vegas last night, eating at hot new sushi restaurant, Social House. Source

Everytime the Beat Drop: Monica on 106 & Park

Monica did her thing on 106 & Park. Cassie take notes...Am I the only one who just figured out DFB is saying "Rock Then Bend My Knees" thanks to Monica's interview on Doug Banks this morning...



I feel bad for those pearls. LOL
And those poor dress straps are hanging on for dear life.
Mama Knowles knows good and well her milk is dried up. Gurl stop!


Terrell Owens Needs Professional Help

Am I the only one that thinks this fool is crazy?

DALLAS - Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens denied a police report that he attempted suicide, saying he became groggy after mixing painkillers with supplements.

As if to prove he's doing fine, Owens went from the hospital to catching passes from quarterback Drew Bledsoe within two hours, then proclaimed himself "very capable of going out there and playing on Sunday" — despite whatever happened Tuesday night and a broken right hand.

Owens said Wednesday the confusion likely stemmed from an empty bottle of pain medication found by his publicist, who was with him at the time and called 911. He said the rest of the pills were in a drawer.

"I was non-responsive when she made that call," Owens said. "She made the call out of her judgment for my well-being."

Appearing in a news conference at team headquarters a few hours after leaving a hospital for what a police report described as "a drug overdose," Owens wore workout gear and no bandage on his right hand. The star receiver smiled and seemed more amused than peeved at the latest ruckus surrounding him.

Owens, 32, blamed a combination of hydrocodone, a generic form of Vicodin, with all-natural supplements for making him ill.

"It's very unfortunate for it to go from an allergic reaction to a suicide attempt," he said.

Rescue workers arrived at Owens' home around 8 p.m. Tuesday and took him to an emergency room. When word spread, publicist Kim Etheredge said it was an allergic reaction.


So Sad: Rev. Run's Baby Dies in Delivery Room

Exclusive: Horrifying Death of Reality Star's Baby

A rapper's wife gave birth Thursday, but the scene quickly turned to tragedy after their newborn girl was pronounced dead.

Rev Run, a.k.a. Joseph Simmons, shocked fans last year when he announced that his wife Justine was pregnant on his MTV reality show "Run's House."

Simmons, a member of the legendary rap group Run DMC, was at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood New Jersey Tuesday for the birth of his child. Doctors delivered the baby via c-section, revealing a cruel twist of fate -- the baby girl was born with organs outside the body. The newborn died a short time later.



50 Cent wants YOU to donate to the G-Unity Foundation

So, 50 Cent is rich but he wants me to dig in my pockets and donate to his so-called foundation? Negro PLEASE! Are you kidding me? I can think of 500 other organizations I would give to before I would give a penny to 50 Cent. And if it's his foundation, shouldn't he be donating all of the money anyway? Exactly. But, hey, if the spirit moves you to give to G-Unity, go here here.

It Must be Love

I'm sure TI's baby momma Tiny is a beautiful person on the inside. The couple was spotted at Diddy's listening pary for his upcoming album Press Play (Do it, do it, do it, do it)

Top 20 Whitest and Blackest Names

Keep hope alive! If Condoleeza Rice can succeed, so can Imani, Ebony, Shanice, DeShaun and DeAndre.

Sept. 21, 2006 — Studies of resumes have found that people with black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks. "20/20" put 22 pairs of names to the test, posting identical resumes except for the names at the top. Watch "20/20" Friday Night at 10
The resumes with the white-sounding names were actually downloaded 17 percent more often by job recruiters than the resumes with black-sounding names.

Spotted at Dlisted

20 "Whitest" /"Blackest" Girl Names

Molly / Imani
Amy / Ebony
Claire / Shanice
Emily / Aaliyah
Katie / Precious
Madeline / Nia
Katelyn / Deja
Emma / Diamond
Abigail / Asia
Carly / Aliyah
Jenna / Jada
Heather / Tierra
Katherine / Tiara
Caitlin / Kiara
Kaitlin / Jazmine
Holly / Jasmin
Allison / Jazmin
Kaitlyn / Jasmine
Hannah / Alexus
Kathryn / Raven

20 "Whitest" /"Blackest" Boy Names

Jake / DeShawn
Connor / DeAndre
Tanner / Marquis
Wyatt / Darnell
Cody / Terrell
Dustin / Malik
Luke / Trevon
Jack / Tyrone
Scott / Willie
Logan / Dominique
Cole / Demetrius
Lucas / Reginald
Bradley / Jamal
Jacob / Maurice
Garrett / Jalen
Dylan / Darius
Maxwell / Xavier
Hunter / Terrance
Brett / Andre
Colin / Darryl

Katt Williams on Racial Differences--Too Funny!

This is hilarious. This clip is rated R for mature language so turn your volume down if you're at work! If you can, catch Katt's Comedy Special the Pimp Chronicles on HBO!

How the Hell Does Tupac Have a Myspace Page!

See people are just doing way too much with this Myspace madness. How and why does Tupac Shakur have a Myspace page? I'm a huge Pac fan but seeing him on Myspace was quite creepy. And please don't tell me Suge Knight has one too! LOL ...


Let Us Pray!

Paris gives to the Needy

Even Paris Hilton gives to the needy. Yeah right. Clearly, her publicist set up this photo opp. Where are the paparazzi when I do my good deeds? Whether she gave this poor guy $1 or $1,000, all the positive PR in the world can't change the fact that Paris Hilton sucks and her album tanked.


Is Tamala Jones' Career Going Backwards?

You know Tamala Jones from movies like The Brothers, Kingdom Come, Two Can Play That Game, Blue Streak & Nora's Hair Salon. She's been in a ton of movies and even has a few projects in the works including Show Stoppers (2007), What Love Is (2006), Flirt (2006), so WHY did she recently sign to the same modeling management as Hoopz, Beautiful, Buckeey, and Krazy (all of Flavor of Love fame) and these other random chicks? See for yourself here.

Did Rapper Game knock out Ras Kass @ an LA Nightclub?

A source (within the Black Wall Street camp) has confirmed to HHNLive.com that The Game and Ras Kass were involved in an altercation last night in Los Angeles at Element.

Ras Kass has told HHNLive.com that there was an altercation last night at Element in Los Angeles. He says he was not knocked out and that Game and 30 people jumped him.


Flavor of Love 2 Girl's Myspace Pages

Season two is getting good!!!! Buckey got kicked off tonight.
And I just heard a rumor that she has a baby by not-so-well-known rapper Coo-Coo Cal (My Projects). So as I was digging around I found her Myspage page along with some of the other FOL Season 2 girls. Spunkey, real name Maria Dunbar, is the only pne with a REAL website. Looks like all the girls are trying to be actresses, models, and of course Krazy is still trying to sing! Bless her heart. Buckwild is trying to do some comedy? Boo! You can check out their Myspace pages by clicking the links below:

Like Dat


Tyra Banks makes fun of Beyonce's Deja Vu' Video!

I LOVE this! Spotted here

Is Eric Benet a Superstar?

Apparently I missed the memo that Eric Benet is bringing Sexy Back--I thought that was Justin. While dining at Elsa's in Milwaukee a few moments ago with my girl Carm we ran into Eric Benet and drummer/producer Wes McVicker. Their table was right next to us and we chatted briefly since we've both known Wes since elementary school. Apparently he is doing some producing for Eric.

As we drank our Lemon Drop Martinis, random women (and men) of all races were making beelines over to Eric's table to introduce themselves to him, take pictures with him on their camera phones and digital cameras, and ask him what he has been up to. Is this fool a superstar? Other than that song with Tamia, what has he done lately? We didn't even speak or acknowledge his presence. Cornball.

This dude gets alimony from his ex-wife (Halle Berry) and chicks are still sweating him? That's sooo corny. Please tell me this only happens in Milwaukee! According to Eric he has been "in the studio recording new music." Yeeeaaahhhhh....Good luck with that Mrs. Berry. This dude even has a website .


More Divorce News: Mary J Blige and Kendu?

I'm a hopeless romantic. I can't take much more of this divorce news. Whitney and Bobby now this Mary J and Kendu rumor! It's too much. I'm going to sleep.


September 13. For the past five years Mary J Blige and her husband Kendu Isaacs have been the happiest couple in hip-hop. But it now seems that all that has changed. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Mary and Kendu are on the verge of divorce.

A close friend of the couple told MediaTakeOut.com that Mary suspects that her husband has been cheating. According to our source, "Mary caught him doing something that he shouldn't have been doing and she is mad as hell." And the source added, "for Mary, there's nothing worse than being betrayed ... so I think the marriage is probably over."

And the break up couldn't be happening at a worse time for the R&B diva. According to our tipster, Mary had been trying to get pregnant. The source tells, "Mary was really looking forward to having a baby ... it was the happiest I'd ever seen her." Adding, "if those two break up it will really be sad, Mary was on top of the world with her new album and everything ... that woman just can't get a break."

Crackheads Headed to Divorce Court: Whitney to Divorce Bobby

Say it ain't so! Rumor has it that Karrine Steffans, the self-proclaimed "Video Vixen," is the reason for the divorce.

LOS ANGELES - The tumultuous marriage of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown — which withstood drug addiction, Brown’s numerous arrests, the decline of Houston’s once-sparkling image and domestic abuse allegations — is coming to an end.

A publicist for Houston confirmed to The Associated Press that the Grammy-winning, superstar singer had filed for divorce after 14 years of marriage.

Publicist Nancy Seltzer declined to reveal where or when Houston filed the divorce papers, and said the singer had no statement to make.



Exclusive: Cheesecake Factory Waitress Snaps on Eva Pigford for Tipping $1.50

Hello Hollyhoodbuzz Readers,
I apologize for not posting as often lately. I've been traveling like crazy

So guess, who we ran into while dining at the Cheesecake Factory in ATL on Peach Tree? None other than Eva Pigford from America's Next Top Model. She was there with friends (one girl, one guy) and word on the street is that she was in town for Labor Day weekend's Black Gay Pride festivities. Remember the rumor that she was gay? Hmmm...Well, Eva wasn't being very friendly and even declined taking pictures with loyal fans. That's not cool. And she had the nerve to recently tell Southern Voice Online: "I think I'm successful because my fans support me. It doesn't matter what I do, they're in my corner and they want to see me succeed."

THEN, after racking up a $100 bill, she left a $1.50 tip.

Our table had the same waitress (shout out to our waitress!) as Eva's table so we got all the skinny. And our waitress went off when she saw that Eva stiffed her on the tip. She was so upset she yelled at Eva and her crew as they drove away. Seriously, if you're going to act like such an evil "diva," at least have the wheels to back it up--think Range Rover--and Eva didn't. She was riding in her girl's Ford Expedition.

Our waitress told us that Vivica Fox stopped by Cheesecake Factory on Peach Tree recently and that she was a GREAT customer. Vivica took pictures with fans, ate with her friends and left a great tip. We are officially switching from team Eva to Team Vivica. Eva's not really even an official star and she's already acting shady. Gurl Stop! Here's our awesome waitress yelling at Eva saying "An F'ing $1.50!!!"
and Eva's girl driving the getaway vehicle! (Eva's in the passenger seat putting on lip gloss, but you can't see her on the picture)


Sneak Peek at Flava of Love 2: New York is BACK!

If you need your Flava fix like we do in the 'Hood watch this clip. Warning: Explicit language!

HollyhoodBuzz Exclusive: Next Week's Flava of Love Episode

If you can't wait until Sunday to see the next episode of Flava of Love, we have footage of the upcoming clock ceremony! Just click play.

Here's an overview:
New York moves back int he house, Buckwild is exposed as a FAKE and leaves the house, Nibblz gets cut!

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