Where Have all the Good Rappers Gone? We Found One!

Thank the Lawd for Chicago lyracist Lupe Fiasco! Please check out his video Kick, Push below. Fabulous wordplay, story telling and creativity. There's no video chicks, no fancy cars, no bling and WE LOVE IT!!!! This is refreshing. Lupe's album is out 6/27! Where's your skateboard? We've got ours, and we're about to go kick, push, kick, push, kick, push, kick, push and coast...


Ghetto Gossip 4.26

Julissa and Tigga get Axed from BET's 106 & Park?

Can you say N-E-X-T! It seems like just yesterday former hosts Free & AJ got booted from the 106 & Park set and now, rumor has it that Julissa and Tigga are getting the boot too! They are being replaced by newcomers Terrence J and Rocsi. And why does Julissa have a website?

Akeelah and the Music Video
Keke Palmer, star of the upcoming movie Akeelah and the Bee, recently made a music video.

All of Us Cancelled after N-Word used
Will and Jada's UPN sitcom All of Us has been cancelled in Chicago for using the N-Word earlier this week. Will Smith directed the controversil episode. According to the Chicago Sun Times:
On the show, a grade-school student blurts out the n-word in the midst of his birthday party, prompting a discussion among children and parents about the word's impact and historical significance.

Jamie Foxx Gets NO Respect in the UK
Mr. Unpredictable was on the receiving end when six people forced their way into his VIP room at London's Mo*Vida and poured wine all over him and his 12-strong entourage on Saturday. Source

Boobylicious: Beyonce Forgot her Bra
Beyonce's too Boobylicious in this photo!


HollyhoodBuzz LIAR LIAR Day...

It's about time we had a LIAR LIAR Day in the 'Hood. There are some things that need to be addressed in the world of celebrity blogging; things that every blogger thinks, but just decides not to type out of fear of being too mean (or maybe sued?).

1. What is wrong with LL Cool J's Wife?
She must be a loving wife and an exceptional mother, but there is nothing fabulous about this woman. Every time we see her she looks a hot mess. This is unacceptable, it's time for her to step her game up or move around. Love must be blind. Yeah we said it.

2. Talk About Bad Timing; Please Recall This Ad
We all know about the New Jersey woman claiming to be Jada Pinkett's lesbian lover. As a result, now this Carol's Daughter ad seems like it's advertising same sex adoption, instead of face and body products. Jada and Mary J look like a couple.

3. Hoopz Needs a Makeover (And She's Married?)

Rumor has it that Hoopz is married to an overseas basketball player and that he encouraged her to do Flavor of Love to boost her career. But that's not what we're talking about right now. Our issue with Hoopz is the friggin tank tops and belt she always wears!! Enough already. This chick needs a stylist asap. How many tank tops and t-shirts does she have? She's rocking the "Almost Famous" tank top in this photo, so at least she knows she's NOT a celebrity. Why doesn't anyone want to say that Hoopz looks like a man? She does. And if she is dating Rapper TI, he better us his Nikes when it's time to break up with her--Hoopz could clearly beat the living daylights out of itty bitty TI.



Please click the play button, you'll thank us for it.

Source: Dlisted

Hoopz and TI Photos & Random Gossip

Hoopz is everywhere!!!! What is her talent again? Check out SandraRose.com for all the juicy details! And doesn't it look like TI is licking her nose in the first picture?

The "couple" was recently spotted at Rapper Nelly's party at the Fox Sport Grill in Atlanta.

Kanye Needs a New Barber & Stylist!
We love his music, but we're starting to hate his style! Kanye needs to burn all those Extra Medium sweaters (XM)! It's not a good look. And it looks like he let Jamie Foxx cut his hair (when he had his eyes taped shut) on the set of Ray!

We Were Wrong: Hoopz has 30 Minutes of Fame

Although we've heard that Hoopz (Nikki Alexander) is dating Rapper TI, her #1 Fan Lowe sent us this picture of him with her at a recent Black Men's Magazine party. According to him, Hoopz is cool, down to earth and easy to talk to. Maybe that's what TI likes about her.


Toni Braxton's "Please" Video

We're still not sure why Toni Braxton's new label Blackground didn't support her latest project Libra. But that lack of support must be the reason we are seeing her "Please" video for the first time. The woman is beautiful, the song is hot and we love TB; we're just not sure how we feel about Toni dancing in the video, yes dancing. Check it out by clicking the play button.


D12 Rapper Proof Shot & Killed in Detroit

What is going on in Hip Hop? Someone please make it stop! This is so sad. SOHH.com is reporting that the unconfirmed word is that Bizarre of D12 was also shot. Bizarre is yet to be accounted for by his colleagues.
According to the Detroit Free Press: Rapper Proof of the rap group D12, one of the key figures on the Detroit hip-hop scene, was shot and killed this morning at an after-hours club on Eight Mile, police said.Proof, whose real name is Deshaun Holton, was dead on arrival at Conner Creek Medical Center in Detroit, according to a spokeswoman for St. John Health System. He was 32.

Proof was among the most pivotal players in Detroit hip-hop, and revered as one of the battle rappers in the city -- the man who would handle anyone who dared to challenge him in a war of words. He befriended Eminem long before he was a houshold name, and was a nearly constant presence as the rapper rose to superstardom -- including as the best man at his January wedding.Proof was friends with many of the top hip-hop DJs, radio personalities, rappers and producers in Detroit.

The shooting occurred at a club called C.C.C. near 8 Mile near Hayes. The venue isn't illegal but it was operating illegally after hours, police said. It was his idea to assemble a collection of Detroit's best hip-hop talent and call it D12; it was his hand that helped push Eminem to become one of the world's biggest pop stars, including serving as his on-stage hype man on concert tours.After the release of "8 Mile," when battle rap was gaining newfound commerical exposure, Proof was hired to host a national search for the next best battle rapper by Showtime Networks.

This is the second shooting involving Eminem's entourage in three months. Obie Trice was shot and wounded New Year's Eve while driving along the Lodge Freeway.Anyone with information on the shootings is asked to call Detroit Police at 313-596-2260.

Find the complete story at the Detroit Free Press.


Classic Video Footage: DC's Michelle Falls on 106 & Park

After watching a lady trip and fall in the grocery store parking lot, we had to come back to the office and find this vintage video footage of Michelle falling during Destiny's Child's infamous performance of "Soldier" on 106 & Park. And unlike other sites, we have the ENTIRE performance. ENJOY!!!!

We want to give a big shout out to Michelle for her strong, Soldier-like recovery. She did keep it moving and got right back into the dance routine (without her shoes) after her tumble. Bless her heart. But why doesn't Michelle get to talk to AJ and Free at the end of the performance???? This is classic video footage. Don't be surprised if we post it again sometime.


Ghetto Gossip 4.4

More Pictures of Denise Vasi

For all of you that are Googling Russell Simmons' new flame Denise Vasi, we found a couple more pictures for you to enjoy. If you still need more, click here

Jada Pinkett's Lover Speaks Out?
We love Jada (and Will) here in the Hood. She's a Tom Boy, and that's what we love about her. But gay? We're not convinced. According to the source, an unnamed New Jersey woman has come out claiming to be Jada Pinkett Smith's lesbian lover. The 36 year old woman said that she and Jada have been meeting up for sexual escapades in different locations all over the country. The woman said that their affair has been going on for over three years and that Jada is a full fledged Lesbian. Source

Christina Millian's Album Cover
For all of you Christina Millian fans, here's a peek at her album cover. The dress is HOT, but we have a feeling the album is NOT!!!!

Beyonce is EVIL!
Beyonce is a little snot and this video proves it!

Speaking of Bouncy, here's a picture of her on the Dreamgirls Movie set looking more like a drag queen than a dream girl.

So Hoopz from Flavor of Love is a Video Chick?
WTF? This is NOT a good look! Check out her Reggaeton video HERE!

Have Grillz Crossed Over to the Trailerpark!
We know this image is photoshoped, but we thought we'd post it for your viewing pleasure.


SOHH.com Didn't Fool Us!

Over the weekend, SOHH.com posted a completely bogus story about P. Diddy suing Proactive as an April Fools Day joke. Now the site is poking fun at all of the bloggers and news outlets that believed the story! The site says:

"Over the weekend SOHH wrote up their annual April Fools Day joke and caught a bunch of bloggers and news outlets with their fact checker pants down.

The fake story claimed that Diddy was suing Proactive for failure to even out his bumpy face and "preserve his sexy". The story further claimed Proactive was blaming Diddy's love of Diet Pepsi as the real cause for his acne. Not until you get to the end of the story and click the link, does the story reveal itself as a joke."

Flava Flav & "New York" Get Reality Show

Just when we were going through Flavor of Love withdrawl, we get an email about a new reality show starring Flava Flav and New York. New York is an aspiring actress so we're sure she's thrilled about having her own show. But we must admit we are a bit confused. According to VH1, casting is taking place for the Flavor of Love 2. Are they really going to give Flav 2 shows? We'll be watching this closely. Check out the complete story at Media Takeout.


April 3, 2006. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Flavor Flav and Tiffany "New York" Patterson have signed on to star in a new reality series. According to sources close to the pair, the two remained in close contact after the end of their popular series Flavor Of Love and have since began a romantic relationship.

The new reality series will focus on the couple's day to day life as they live together in a quiet suburban town. The series is scheduled to begin filming this summer.


Who Cares About Tori Spelling?

If VH1 thinks that Tori Spelling can fill our Flavor of Love addiction, the network is sadly mistaken. Tori's new show "So Notorious" will never measure up to the complete circus formerly known as "Flavor of Love." But regardless of how you feel about Tori Spelling, you must admit, she does look like Shawn and Marlon Wayans in the movie "White Chicks." We found this image on Just Jared. Happy Monday!

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