SOHH.com Didn't Fool Us!

Over the weekend, SOHH.com posted a completely bogus story about P. Diddy suing Proactive as an April Fools Day joke. Now the site is poking fun at all of the bloggers and news outlets that believed the story! The site says:

"Over the weekend SOHH wrote up their annual April Fools Day joke and caught a bunch of bloggers and news outlets with their fact checker pants down.

The fake story claimed that Diddy was suing Proactive for failure to even out his bumpy face and "preserve his sexy". The story further claimed Proactive was blaming Diddy's love of Diet Pepsi as the real cause for his acne. Not until you get to the end of the story and click the link, does the story reveal itself as a joke."


Blogger The Blog said...

Ok, when they said preserve his sexy, I would have known that was a lie?

7:54 PM  

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