T-Boz has a new Boy Toy!

T-Boz and her boyfriend Buffalo Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes have been seen at many celebrity events lately. The couple was also spotted at the March 28th movie premiere of "ATL" which stars rapper T.I. The movie is loosely based on the youth of ATL natives T-Boz and Dallas Austin. All we want to know in the Hood is what happened to R U the girl winner "Oh So Crispy"....

Let's get to know Takeo. A quick look at his website reveals that he is 6-2, weighs 242 pounds, attended Auburn University and was born December 17, 1976. The site also tells us that:

Takeo's first name is pronounced "tuh-KEE-oh," and means "great warrior" in Japanese. His hometown is Sandersville, Ga., where he attended Washington County High School. He has one daughter named Jakai, meaning "beautiful flower" in Japanese.


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