Flavor of Love's Hoopz Knows How to Work her 15 Minutes

We apologize for another Flavor of Love post, but we keep getting emails from readers. So we'll give the people what they want. Flav has already chosen Hoopz (Real name Nikki Alexander) and they've already broken up, according to Flav. Nevertheless, the reunion show, which airs next week, looks quite entertaining. Check out VH1's promo ad by clicking the play button below. (New York is still crazy, but it looks like she's lost some weight)
While we're on the topic of Flavor of Love, we just found out that Hoopz is making her 15 minutes of fame work for her. At least swaping spit with Flav is paying off. She's been spending time with celebrities like Nick Cannon and Young Jeezy, and her calendar is booked with celebrity-studded parties and magazine shoots. "Get it Gurl!" You can check her out at My Darling Nikki or Hoopzonline.com.


Blogger The Blog said...

Hoopz is a skripper. When will her 4 minutes of fame be up??

12:26 AM  
Anonymous kmoney said...

it april 2 and hoopz going to be doing a movie so now she richer
she was a modle b4 any thing

3:58 PM  

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