Happy Hump Day From Flava Flav & Jocelyn

The weekend is so close you can almost taste it. Well let Flava Flav help you get through your Wednesday.

We have good news for those of you looking for your big break into the entertainment industry: Flava Flav is looking for 20 lovely ladies for Season 2 of VH1's the FLavor of Love. According to Internet sources, those of you interested in becoming Flavorettes should call 323-466-9200 x312 or E-mail Flavoroflovecasting@yahoo.com. Hopefully the ladies won't be spitting on each other in season 2!

On Tuesday, Flava Flav told us (and everyone else listening to Tom Joyner's Morning Show)about how he got dissed by Hoopz, that he is single again, explained that he only has two baby mama's and said his mom needs her own television show. But don't take our word for it, check out Flav's interview with Tom and the crew right HERE Flaaaaaavor Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!!!

Is there a such thing as a "Bad Face Day?"
Just when we thought a bad hair day was the end of the world, we ran across this, um, interesting, photo of Jocelyn Wildenstein, the ex-wife of successful art dealer Alec Wildenstein. Rumor has it that Jocelyn began having multiple plastic surgeries after her husband left her and married this chick.


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