Ghetto Gossip 1.31

Is Star Jones Musty?
To smell Star Jones' new signature scent called "Hot Funky Mess", simply scratch her sweaty arm pit and sniff your monitor.

Don't Sleep on The Flavor of Love
VH1's The Flavor of Love is our latest guilty pleasure. Once you accept the fact that Flavor Flav is VH1's new mascot/resident clown, it's much less painful. We're cheering for Hoops here in the 'Hood. New York is psycho and Hottie's gotta go. For those of you who enjoy this show as much as we do check out this site.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker back together? Where's Jamie Foxx...
Eva switches up dates like underwear, but hey, this is Hollywood! But this fake kiss isn't fooling us. These two are so OVER! (And what's up with TP's shiny purple shirt?)

Naomi and Mariah Starring In "The Shortest Friendship Ever"
When did these two start hanging out? Um, yeah, that will never work. There's about to be a what? Girl Fight! We're betting our money on Naomi

Some Chick Spilled Wine on Halle Berry
According to the New York Post, Diva Halle Berry kept didn't flip her lid after a woman accidentally spilled wine on her white blouse. Halle was out with her new boy toy, Versace model Gabriel Aubry, when the drama happened.
“Some lady eating next to Halle's table was getting to her seat and spilled a glass of red wine on Halle's white top,” the witness told the paper. "Halle was so sweet and didn't get mad."

Plastic Surgery is the New Crack and Vivica Fox is addicted...

Gospel Singer Tonex is Pissed
Tonex needs a hug but not from ya'll "Church Folks!" 50 Cent and Ja Rule's beef is nothing compared to what goes on behind the scenes with Gospel Music artists. Who knew? On a recent emotional blog entry, Gospel Singer Tonex announced that he is retiring from the brutal, cut throat Gospel Music Industry. We think that's a shame because "That boy can sang!" Here's a snippet of Tonex's blog entry:
"This is not a ploy to get you to worry about me or start more rumors; so let's clarify something right now......tonex is IS NOT leaving "Gospel" to go sing the dreaded "R&B". TONEX is retiring from an industry and religion that has completly stipped and cut and scarred his heart to the point he feels there's no repair. And yes I blame CHURCH FOLKS."

Blu Cantrell: "Don't Call it a Comeback"
Remember her? She's looking pretty darn good lately. We hear she's working on a new album too!

Martin is So Sexy
No, this isn't an old picture of Star Jones on the beach. That's comedian Martin Lawrence in his new movie Big Momma's House 2.


Blogger The Blog said...

Your posts are hilarious. but you know you're wrong for putting star jones beach pic up there. lol. I think vivica fox looks good and it doesn't look like she had surgery. I think she looks prettier than Ms. Berry in fact.

P.S. Naomi and Mariah are not friends. They are probably sleeping with the same people and trading secrets.

7:52 PM  
Blogger The Blog said...

Miss Pr. Please contact me. I have a question about the hollywood scene

9:13 PM  

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