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Halle Berry vs Jennifer Lopez: If Looks Could Kill Part 2

We heard these two hate each other. It looks like Halle wasn't feeling J.Lo at the recent star-studded party celebrating the Re-Opening of the Versace Fifth Ave. Boutique. And of course we had to dig through our files to find this old TRL photo of J.Lo giving Halle the evil eye.

Beyonce Needs to Check Up On Her Feet
We found this photo by way of Fresh. Beyonce redefined the word "ashy" at her recent Pink Panther movie premiere. That's just "Nashty!"

Jay-Z Gets Dissed By Industry Insiders
Let's transition from Beyonce's crusty feet, to her boyfriend Jay-Z. It sounds like he has issues of his own. According to the New York Post, Jay-Z is losing the respect of his colleagues because he can't stay away from the mic. The article states 'One music business insider in L.A. for the Grammys snipes, "The big gossip of the Grammys is about Jay-Z. After saying he was going to retire when he became president of Def Jam so he wouldn't compete with other artists on his label, he has a record coming out in June. His ego is so big he can't not release an album. He is a president of a label and should not be doing this.'

West Coast Rapper/Actor Ice Cube Drops New CD
We found out that Ice Cube is back on the music scene. Cube has his own label, Lench Mob Records, and is releasing a new album, Laugh Now, Cry Later, in the coming months.

Mary J Has No Love for West Coast Rappers
Ice Cube may have a new album coming out, but Mary J. Blige could probably care less. Mary recently told reporters that "All of the greatest rappers come from the east coast, come from BK, come from Brooklyn. To me anyway, the majority of them do." She's probably still mad about her Vibe cover shot. She better watch out before West Coast/G-UNOT rapper The Game puts out a diss record about her!

Rapper Charlie Baltimore Signs with the Game's Label
According to Rapper Game's website, Chuck B-More, formerly signed to Murder Inc, is on Game's team now. We've always liked Chuck, so hopefully things will work out. The saga continues....

Dame Dash Starring in "Desperate Hustlers"

This in not our idea of a "Happy" family. Poor Dame Dash, Jay-Z took Roc-a-Fella and he just hasn't bounced back. Dame needs to find his Mojo!Instead of the Ultimate Hustler he looks like he should be the lead character on the Desperate Housewives spinoff "Desperate hustlers." Where's Trina when you need her?

Folks Drive Like This All the Time in the Trailer Park
Why is this such a big deal? Get over it already. Leave Brittney alone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why Halle and Jenn don't seem to like each other? It seems like the photo with Donatella Versace should have been a group shot but Halle wasn't feeling it. She's looking at Jenn like she wants to throw up...

7:48 PM  

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