Is Ashanti Bipolar?

The Not-so-Talented singer Ashanti recently launched a Beauty Brand called OPC-3 on February 10. But based on these photos, HollyhoodBuzz isn't convinced that she truly believes in this product. Honestly, we believe Nelly's girlfriend is officially Bipolar! Is she happy, sad or strange? You decide.

Remy Ma Says G-Unit Makes Good Music
Those of you familiar with the Fat Joe, 50 Cent beef will appreciate this. Joe's homegirl Remy Ma recently made these statements and Joe's NOT happy about it:
"Joe don't control how I feel," Remy recently said. "It's not my fault that they [G-Unit] make good music. And I'm a fan of good music. The other people that's in my category as they put it, they not writing they own material, they not picking they own beats, they don't even pick they own clothes or hairdo. I'm my own person. I do what I do. I just know that I'm the best at what I do."

These photos were taken at one of her recent listening parties. Maybe Remy should let someone else pick out her clothes and her hairdo. What's the worst that can happen? Hey, it's just a suggestion.

Taye Diggs tries Gay on for Size
We missed this episode of Will and Grace where Taye Diggs (formerly known as Kevin Hill) kissed Will. Did any of you watch it?

Beyonce's Crusty Feet Update
This still doesn't explain her "NASHTY" feet at the Pink Panther Premiere, but at least we can empathize. Here's the scoop:
"As it turns out, just prior to coming out for the paparazzi, Ms. Knowles had just been told she lost the Best R&B Vocal Performance Grammy and the Best R&B Album Grammy."


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Nashty? LOL.

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