Hoopz and TI Photos & Random Gossip

Hoopz is everywhere!!!! What is her talent again? Check out SandraRose.com for all the juicy details! And doesn't it look like TI is licking her nose in the first picture?

The "couple" was recently spotted at Rapper Nelly's party at the Fox Sport Grill in Atlanta.

Kanye Needs a New Barber & Stylist!
We love his music, but we're starting to hate his style! Kanye needs to burn all those Extra Medium sweaters (XM)! It's not a good look. And it looks like he let Jamie Foxx cut his hair (when he had his eyes taped shut) on the set of Ray!


Blogger The Blog said...

LOL Kayne looks a hot freaking mess. Ick!! He looks like somebody's drunk uncle.

11:19 PM  

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