Classic Video Footage: DC's Michelle Falls on 106 & Park

After watching a lady trip and fall in the grocery store parking lot, we had to come back to the office and find this vintage video footage of Michelle falling during Destiny's Child's infamous performance of "Soldier" on 106 & Park. And unlike other sites, we have the ENTIRE performance. ENJOY!!!!

We want to give a big shout out to Michelle for her strong, Soldier-like recovery. She did keep it moving and got right back into the dance routine (without her shoes) after her tumble. Bless her heart. But why doesn't Michelle get to talk to AJ and Free at the end of the performance???? This is classic video footage. Don't be surprised if we post it again sometime.


Blogger The Blog said...

Haha. THey kept dancing. Kelly looked at her like she was fashion roadkill or something.

8:12 PM  

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