50 Cent Disses P. Diddy on "The Bomb"

Ummm..yeah, 50 isn't interested in being invited to Diddy's White Party. He sounds pretty upset about Diddy not letting Mase out of his contract to join G-Unit. 50 even accuses Diddy of knowing who killed Biggie Smalls-Yikes! Source
Listen to the song here (warning: explicit lyrics) After listening to the song, we find this photo of 50 in Diddy's Vote or Die T-Shirt quite FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!
Random Thought of the day:Did 50 actually vote in the last election? Hmm....


Singer Cassie is the New Milli Vannili

This girl CAN'T sing!!!! She can't dance, and now it's obvious she can't even lip sync well. Wake Up America! Wake Up!!!

This video reminds us of...

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