Carmen Bryant's Interview with Wendy Williams

This interview is GOOD! Wendy is a fool. Gotta love her! She points out that this chick has no REAL job! Go to YBF to listen to all three parts of the interview. Or you can click these links: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Carmen talks about getting an abortion, sleeping with Jay-Z and Nas, getting Chlamydia, and all other sorts of nastiness. When did it become ok to talk about these kinds of things, much less write about them? --Oh yeah, Karrine Steffans made it ok...

Go here to buy the book. I never read Karrine's Video Vixen book, but I'm supposed to be reading this one with a book club I recently joined. [Tiffany--what's up with the book club LOL!]


Author Bebe Moore Campbell Dies at 56

Bebe Moore Campbell, a former journalist and writer of such books as “Your Blues Ain't Like Mine” and “Singing in the Comeback Choir,” has died from complications due to brain cancer, reports AP. She was 56. More


Fox Boogie Gets Booted Out of Power 105 Radio Studio

She's back to her old self. Listen to a clip from the interview here


Get Your KKKramer Tshirts Today!

By now, everyone knows Kramer (Michael Richards) is a racist. That's old news. But, did you know you can purchase KKKramer Tshirts here? Now that's priceless! Source

Singer Monica Spotted Shopping for Day After Thanksgiving Sales

Our ATL spies spotted one of our favorite celebs, Monica, at the outlet stores in suburban Atlanta the day after Thanksgiving. The outlets opened at midnight and a ton of people showed up to shop, including Monica. We hear she was looking cute in jeans, a sweater and stylish glasses. She was spotted outside the Timberland store talking to some folks. In the midst of the shopping frenzy, she was able to go unnoticed by most people (but not our spies!).

Is Santa to blame for the latest Fashion Trend: Big Bold Belts

I hope you all enjoyed your Turkey Day as much as I enjoyed mine! Gobble Gobble. Anyway, during this Thanksgiving holiday break I had a revelation. After seeing Santa on television, I realized he is the evil demon behind the latest fashion trend: Big Belts. Everywhere you turn, there they are--Belts. Celebs pictured in the magazines, regular people at the mall--Everyone is rocking the big belt look. Please make it stop. Ho, Ho, Ho!! LOL


Gerald Levert Memorial Service Program


Gurl, That Outfit Looks Familiar...

KiKi sent me these earlier this week. Some are old, some are new, some are borrowed some, are blue (ok, not really). Enjoy the pics

Big Girls Need Love Too!

Thanks CatEyes!


Dreamgirls is a NIGHTMARE

The great folks at Paramount Pictures invited Hollyhoodbuzz to a PRIVATE invitation only screening of "Dreamgirls" starring Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Anika Noni Rose, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy.

I left feeling very disappointed. Thank God for Eddie Murphy's comic relief and Jennifer Hudson's beautiful voice. Long story short, this script would have made a great After School Special or even a good made-for-tv movie. If anyone thinks they are getting an Oscar for this movie, they are sadly mistaken. Beyonce should NEVER share a stage with Jennifer Hudson, EVER! Jennifer's voice is amazing, making Beyonce's best performance look quite mediocre.

Hindsight is 20/20, now I realize I should have stayed my butt at home to watch the BET Hip Hop awards!


Speaking of Flav...

Flava Flav and Deelishis made a red carpet appearance at the BET Hip Hop Awards recently. I just hope New Yok stayed home. I'd hate to see her get beat down on the red carpet. Or would I? Anyway, it's times like these that I think to myself "Whatever happened to Hoopz..."

Happy Thanksgiving from Flava Flav, Lil Kim & Trina

Celebrate your Thanksgiving with Flava Flav, Lil Kim and Trina. What are you thankful for this year? Flav is thankful for the success of his VH1 show, Lil Kim is thankful to be out of jail and Trina is thankful she broke up with Lil Wayne before the picture of him kissing Baby hit the streets! LOL If you really wanna go, click here for more details.

Hollyhoodbuzz Voted Blog of the Week!

Thanks to everyone who voted for this little blog last week for MKE's Blog of the Week contest. Hollyhoodbuzz is the undisputed champion. As the winner, MKE is sending me on an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, giving me $10,000 for a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive, and to top it all off, I will be attending an upcoming red carpet LA movie premiere. Who knew blogging had so many perks? LOL Here's what they said about Hollyhoodbuzz:

Posted: Nov. 9, 2006
Obsessed with celebrity gossip? Can't get enough dirt on fashion models, diva attitudes and divorces? Well neither can this week's winner, HOLLYHOODBUZZ.

A Milwaukee public relations professional (a.k.a. MISSPR) runs the gossip blog. Recent posts target Beyonce, Project Runway and the Flavor of Love. Older posts highlight addictions, plastic surgery and public relations fiascos.

MISSPR has also blogged about her brushes with Hollywood greatness, both good (she's just introverted) and bad (a 1.5 percent tip).

Archives date back to September 2005.

PS Hollyhoodbuzz was voted Blog of the Week, but that was the prize. Since people have been calling me lately asking if they can go shopping with me, attend the movie premiere, borrow money, etc. I felt it was appropriate to clarify that I was joking about those prizes I mentioned above! Ahem, ahem, you know who you are! Shout out Ms. Fitch LOL That was hillarious!!!!!! I guess I started a rumor about myself.

Tyler Perry's New Movie Looks Great!

It looks like Madea has done it again. Tyler has put together an allstar cast which includes Gabrielle Union, Tracy Ellis Ross and Louis Gossete Jr. The movie will be in theaters in February. Watch the movie trailer here. Thanks T!



"R&B singer Gerald Levert died today (Nov. 10), after suffering a fatal heart attack. Levert, also known as "G-Bear" to his fans, is featured on Styles P upcoming album Time Is Money.

He was 40-years-old. The R&B singer was working on a reality show that featured him losing weight along with 12 of his female fans, who lived and trained with Levert for 30 days."


Gerald LeVert Died Today

Wow. So sad. Tomorrow is never promised.


By Karu F. Daniels, AOL Black Voices

Sources confirmed to The BV Newswire that Gerald Levert is dead.

Immediate details on the death of R&B crooner were not known at press time.

He turned 40 years old in July.

One of several from the musical Levert family --his father, Eddie Levert, is the lead singer of the legendary soul group The O'Jays -- he was a founding member and the lead singer of the 1990's R&B trio LeVert, who scored big hits with "Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop (Goes My Mind)", "Casanova", and "ABC-123."

Levert, born in Cleveland, Ohio, was also apart of R&B supergroup LSG, comprised of platinum selling R&B crooners Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill.

As a solo artist, Levert garnered a cult following with a string of R&B ballads ("I'd Give Anything (to Fall in Love)", "You Got That Love") from his numerous album projects on East West/Elektra Records.

Over the years, the vocal powerhouse has collaborated with Patti LaBelle, Miki Howard, Kelly Price, Teena Marie, Chris Rock and with his father on many different occasions.


Faith Hill is a Sore Loser at the Country Music Awards



I was number 85 at my polling place!


This is the Funniest Movie EVER!!!!!

I saw this today. I laughed so hard I was crying in the movie theater. It is hilarious from beginning to end. Trust me. You'll love it. "It's great movie film." LOL


Ghetto Gossip 11.2

This is going to be a very random post. Whitney is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! She was spotted at a party with Clive Davis recently looking fabulous. But why does Baby Face look like that? Is he wearing make up? Something's not right with that guy. I'm sure Tracey Edmonds has the official scoop...Kobe has taken the Hot Boyz term "bling bling" to a whole new level. Rumor has it Kobe bought this new blinged out Benz for his money-grubbing wife. And speaking of the Hot Boys-s-s-s-s instead of "Stunning Like My Daddy", looks like Lil Wayne should have called his new song "Kissing on My Daddy" WTF? I just hope there wasn't any tongue involved in that kiss. ICK! That's not a good look. Thx to Lboogie, Tiff and Edjoint for the pics!I'm out. Love, peace and Soooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllll...

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