Jay Z Responds to Camron on Rick Ross Remix

Cameron recently responded to Jay Z's verse, but based on his track record it won't be as hot as this "Hustlin" remix featuring Jay Z, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross.

Get Your Jesus On with "Baby Got Book"

Regardless of your religion, you'll enjoy this video. Dan Smith did a Christian remix to Sir Mixalot's popular rap song about butt's called "Baby Got Back." Check out "Baby Got Book" The song is pretty cute and the lyrics are very well thought out.

Thanks to Carm!

Hoopz Gets a Makeover for Black Men's Magazine

We admit that we've been hard on Hoops, but it's only because we want her to reach her full video chick potential. Now, thanks to a make over from Black Men's Magazine, the Flava of Love contestant is looking fabulous! We know a good picture when we see one. Work it gurl.



Ghetto Gossip 5.30

"Don't Call It a Come Back"--We were in beautiful Hawaii for five lovely days where we enjoyed the holiday weekend and took a break from blogging (imagine that). Hopefully you were able to get your gossip fix from some of the blogs on our Hot List.

Drama on Girlfriends Set: Jill Marie Jones gets her Walking Papers
MediaTakeOut.com is reporting that actress Jill Marie Jones, who plays Toni on the hit show Girlfriends, has decided to leave the show. And it appears that her co-stars may have pushed her into leaving...According to the insider, "Jill thought that they were sticking together so she rejected the network's lowball offer. Little did she know the others went behind her back and accepted their offers."

Fonzworth Bentley is the Dapper Rapper
He performed at Cains Southampton over the holiday weekend. He's graduated from carrying Diddy's umbrellas and managing Diddy's girl bands to rapping...Check out his new music here
He also has 1,900 friends on his
Myspace Page

Shaq arrests pedophiles as a US Marshal
According to Page Six, SHAQUILLE O'Neal isn't really at risk when he helps arrest bad guys as a U.S. marshal. The 7-foot Miami Heat center has helped make 30 busts in his crusade against kiddie-porn pervs. "I do not have to run after the people or tackle them. They always surrender peacefully," Shaq recently told Webster Hall's Baird Jones. "And I'm never afraid. When I arrive, they are really already under arrest." Shaq says he's not in it for the glory. "I am not a hero . . . My father was my hero growing up. He was an Army drill sergeant and an FBI agent."

Russell Simmons: "I'm Having a Midlife Crisis"

Poor Grandpa Russ, he's bald, divorcing his wife, dating twenty year-old models and rolling around the Hamptons in a convertible. He needs a midlife crisis intervention asap.

Claudette Ortiz Leaves Group City High and Goes Solo

And of course she has a Myspace page (doesn't everyone?) where you can check out her new music. Her first single features G-Unit rapper, ahem, Mase.

Paris Hilton Singing Reggae

Rumor has it that Paris Hilton's new album features some reggae tracks. Bob Marley must be rolling over in his grave.

Don't You Kinda Like Mary J's Alter Ego Rapper "Brook Lynn?"

With lyrics like this, we sure do!
Catch me
With the B's
On the wheels
Giuseppe on the heels
Shoulda Marc Jacob
Fe Fe bagged me
When you had me
Next dude
Will gladly
Pick up
Where you left off
Ice me
Wife me
You ain't gon'
Have me


Denise Richards: Carry Your Own Damn Baby!

Dear Denise Richards, Apparently you missed the memo, but slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865. Please free your nanny immediately, take her shopping on Rodeo Drive and treat her to a spa pedicure. She deserves it after lugging your baby around the zoo for hours while you talk on your cell phone and push the stroller. Sincerely, Miss PRSource

The New Faces of BET's 106 & Park

Terrance J and Rocsi are the new faces of 106 & Park. We'll see how this works, but suddenly former hosts Free and AJ don't seem so bad.


Danielle is America's Next Top Model (But is the Competition Rigged based on Race?)

Congratulations to Danielle! BUT, are we the only ones who think this "competition" is rigged based on race? It seems like every other season the winner is a person of color? Eva is African American, Nicole is White, Danielle is African American- Our guess is next season's winner will be White. ANTM doesn't want to alienate any segment of its audience, but as a result it's becoming a bit predictable.

If YOU want to be on America's Next Top Model the deadline for ANTM applications and videotape submissions is Friday, August 18, 2006. Get the application HERE if you think you have what it takes to be the next Eva, Nicole or Danielle!


Did Fergie from Black Eyed Peas Forget Her Pull Ups?

We're not sure if this picture is new or old, but it either way it's not a good look for the Fergmeister. Oh Fergie, no one wants your Humps, Your Lovely Lady Lumps in the Back and in the Front if you don't Wear Your Pull Ups! Celebrities never cease to amaze us in the 'Hood!


Happy Friday from Tom Cruise & Young Joc

This is too funny. Mr. MI:3 is dancing to Young Joc's song "Meet Me At the Trap(It's Going Down)" Thanks Coo Coo Cal!


Is TI a Prophet?

After receiving the news about Rapper TI's involvement in a Cincinnati shoot out, Hollyhoodbuzz took a closer look at the lyrics to TI's hit song "What You Know About That?, one of our favorite songs right now, from his new album King. TI's references to "guns", burying people and the "news" are almost prophetic.

Candy on the '64
Leather guts and fish bowl
50 on the pinky ring just to make my fist glow
Ya b*$#@es get low
Because I get dough
So what? I'm rich ho
I still pull a-kick-do'
What you talking sh*@ fo'?
gotta run and hit fo'?
Got you yellin and I thought you put out a gun hit fo
But you's a scary dude
Believed by very few
Just keep it very cool
Or we will bury you
See all that attitude's, unneccesary dude
Cause you never Carry Tools not even square he cubed
You got these people fooled, who see me on the tube
Whatever try the crew, they'll see you on the news

Rapper TI involved in Shooting

CINCINNATI -- Gunfire on Interstate 75 killed one man, sent three people to hospitals and closed three miles of interstate Wednesday morning.

Cincinnati police said the rap artist T.I. performed at Bogart's to promote his new album, "King," then went to Club Ritz in Roselawn. Officers said that's when members of his entourage got into an argument with another group of people at about 3:30 a.m.

Officers said that after leaving Club Ritz, shots were fired into two vans containing T.I.'s entourage on southbound I-75, beginning near the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway and ending near Mitchell Avenue.

Four members of T.I.'s entourage, three men and a woman, were wounded. All were transported to University Hospital. The woman was traveling in one van, while the three men were in the other.

Officials said just after 7 a.m. that two of the victims have been treated and released. Another male victim died at the hospital.

T.I., whose given name is Tip Harris, was not injured.

Southbound I-75 is closed at the RRCC as police investigate the incident. Traffic is being detoured onto the RRCC to I-71. People living on the north side of the Interstate 275 loop are encouraged to avoid I-75 entirely.

Stay tuned to News 5 and ChannelCincinnati.com for the latest information.

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