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Is Star Jones Musty?
To smell Star Jones' new signature scent called "Hot Funky Mess", simply scratch her sweaty arm pit and sniff your monitor.

Don't Sleep on The Flavor of Love
VH1's The Flavor of Love is our latest guilty pleasure. Once you accept the fact that Flavor Flav is VH1's new mascot/resident clown, it's much less painful. We're cheering for Hoops here in the 'Hood. New York is psycho and Hottie's gotta go. For those of you who enjoy this show as much as we do check out this site.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker back together? Where's Jamie Foxx...
Eva switches up dates like underwear, but hey, this is Hollywood! But this fake kiss isn't fooling us. These two are so OVER! (And what's up with TP's shiny purple shirt?)

Naomi and Mariah Starring In "The Shortest Friendship Ever"
When did these two start hanging out? Um, yeah, that will never work. There's about to be a what? Girl Fight! We're betting our money on Naomi

Some Chick Spilled Wine on Halle Berry
According to the New York Post, Diva Halle Berry kept didn't flip her lid after a woman accidentally spilled wine on her white blouse. Halle was out with her new boy toy, Versace model Gabriel Aubry, when the drama happened.
“Some lady eating next to Halle's table was getting to her seat and spilled a glass of red wine on Halle's white top,” the witness told the paper. "Halle was so sweet and didn't get mad."

Plastic Surgery is the New Crack and Vivica Fox is addicted...

Gospel Singer Tonex is Pissed
Tonex needs a hug but not from ya'll "Church Folks!" 50 Cent and Ja Rule's beef is nothing compared to what goes on behind the scenes with Gospel Music artists. Who knew? On a recent emotional blog entry, Gospel Singer Tonex announced that he is retiring from the brutal, cut throat Gospel Music Industry. We think that's a shame because "That boy can sang!" Here's a snippet of Tonex's blog entry:
"This is not a ploy to get you to worry about me or start more rumors; so let's clarify something right now......tonex is IS NOT leaving "Gospel" to go sing the dreaded "R&B". TONEX is retiring from an industry and religion that has completly stipped and cut and scarred his heart to the point he feels there's no repair. And yes I blame CHURCH FOLKS."

Blu Cantrell: "Don't Call it a Comeback"
Remember her? She's looking pretty darn good lately. We hear she's working on a new album too!

Martin is So Sexy
No, this isn't an old picture of Star Jones on the beach. That's comedian Martin Lawrence in his new movie Big Momma's House 2.


Here's the Thing...Jamie Foxx CAN'T Sing

His television special is airing as I type this. All I have to say is what a damn shame. This much-hyped television special turned out to be unpredictably horrible. Jamie sounds terrible and YES, I turned to watch American Idol instead (and I have a strong feeling you did that same thing).
New Rule: Black folks are not allowed to use the race card to promote wack television specials. News flash Jamie, NBC didn't promote your tv music special because, quite frankly, there ain't nothing special about it! Holla back...Miss PR


Bye Bye UPN and WB, Hello CW?

All we have to say is the CBS executives should have let HollyhoodBuzz name their new network! What the heck is a CW?

NEW YORK -- Two small, struggling television networks, UPN and WB, will shut down this fall, and their parent companies plan to form a new network called The CW using programming and other assets from each of them.The announcement was made Tuesday by executives from CBS Corp., which owns UPN, and Warner Bros., a unit of Time Warner Inc., which owns most of WB. Both UPN and WB had struggled to compete against larger rivals in the broadcast TV business, including Walt Disney Co.'s ABC, News Corp.'s Fox, General Electric Co.'s NBC and CBS Corp.'s CBS. The new network will launch in the fall, the executives said, when both UPN and WB will shut down. It will be a 50-50 partnership between Warner Bros. and CBS, and the network will be carried on stations owned by the Tribune Co., a minority owner of WB. Altogether, the 16 Tribune stations and the 12 UPN stations owned by CBS will give the new network coverage in almost half of the country, the executives said.


Would You Spend $2.5 Million on Christina Milian?

Well according to insiders Nick Cannon did. Milian's ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon is rumored to have spent $2.5 million on Milian. He bought her two cars and lots of bling. We think she's cute, but she's not $2.5 million dollars worth of cute... And does she even have a career?

Your Mama's So Ugly...

We've all told "Your Mama" jokes when we were kids. For some reason, this picture of Flava Flav's mother (by way of Dlisted) brought back those memories. We wonder why...

Is NBC Hating on Jamie Foxx?

While Jamie's busy hanging out with Eva Longoria, NBC is not very busy promoting his upcoming TV special. According to our inside sources, what separates Jamie's television special from any other in recent memory is the ingenious inclusion of dramatic sketches that seamlessly stitches his personal story together with the stories that he tells in song on the CD.

This email(sent to us by our girl LBoogie from Nashville) has been setting the email circuit on fire today. In case you called in sick today, here's what it says:

"Jamie Foxx making history on NBC. This is the first time NBC has ever aired an entire young urban African American cast on a music special. We need to show support. This was not an easy sell for Jamie and he stood his ground to make it happen the way he saw fit. NBC is not doing any marketing and publicity on Jamie's Music Special on NBC because he stood his ground and wouldn't have any white guests as they requested. To make it even worse he had two controversial guest stars that do not fit the "NBC profile" on his show. Tune in to find out who they are.

They are purposely putting his show up against the second week of American
Idol in hopes that it will fail. This will give them the excuse to never
give another black person a music special because "it doesn't work." Let's
show them that it does work, and that we support each other. Tivo Idol and
watch Jamie
. "


Rapper Trina (and her booty) to star in Desperate Housewives

"The Baddest Chick" Rapper Trina is in Desperate need of a gym membership. But in the meantime, thank the Lawd for booty makeup. Trina is scheduled to guest appear in four episodes of ABC's hit show "Desperate Housewives." She will play the rebellious long lost daughter of Alfre Woodard. But it looks like her body is rebelling against her swimsuit in these photos. Maybe she's carrying her boyfriend Lil Wayne's baby in that pouch? This is not a good look Trina!


HollyhoodBuzz Ghetto Gossip: Bobby & Whitney getting Divorced?

We hope it's not true, but the New York Daily News is reporting that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are ending their troubled 14-year marriage. According to sources, Bobby's running around flirting with other women and claiming he's getting divorced from Whitney. It could be true; could be the crack-you never know with these two love birds! Or maybe those Hell-to-the-Naw National Enquirer photos of her looking a hot mess in that wig and fur coat took Bobby over the edge? The Daily News story goes a little something like this:

"A Lowdown spy reports that while flirting with a bunch of women, Bobby was asked, 'What's up with your wife?' Bobby said, 'We ain't together no more. We're getting a divorce,' " says the spy.

Brown and Houston's PR rep didn't respond to Lowdown's detailed messages yesterday."

Now We Ain't Saying Eva's a Gold Digga,
We'll let Kanye West Do That

In the words of Kanye West: "Now I ain't sayin you a gold digga you got needs/You don't want a dude that smoke but he can't buy weed." According to industry insiders, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and Jamie Foxx were kissing in front of everyone at one of the Golden Globe after parties. Rumor has it that Eva and San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker are O-V-E-R! After further investigation, HollyhoodBuzz found a photo of these two getting quite cozy at a Spurs vs Heat NBA game back in October 2005. Maybe Jamie was singing about Eva when he belted out these lyrics: "She take my money when I'm in need/Yea she's a trifflin friend indeed/Oh she's a gold digga way over town/That digs on me" LOL

Speaking of Kanye...
His recent comments about George Bush not caring about Black people have helped launch a website called Kanyewasright where you can even purchase fancy tshirts like this one.

Bill Maher and Video Vixen Superhead Call it Quits
"That's ended, that's over,"
Maher recently said about his relationship with Karrinne Stephans.
Then he added: "I want you to meet my pimps." We always thought the relationship between those two was, um, strange; but Bill hanging out with infamous pimp Bishop Magic Don Juan at the Annual HBO Pre-Golden Globe party is even more odd. What the...?

Eva Pigford gets her Jesus On
In case you missed this, you can make it a Blockbuster night with America's Next Top Model Eva Pigford by renting her straight-to-DVD movie The Walk. We haven't seen the movie, but according to people who have seen it, Eva does a good job playing Sydney in this Urban Christian feature film that chronicles a turbulent period in the life of a young and frustrated African-American woman. The film follows Sydney as she struggles with numerous conflict-filled relationships. With a faithful youth minister as her guide, Sydney embarks on a harrowing personal journey fraught with shrouded truths as she seeks to embrace inner peace and Jesus Christ as her savior.


Happy MLK Day from Whitney

As we celebrate Dr. King's dream, Whitney Houston's nightmare continues.


What Will Your Vanity Plates Say?

We have a love/hate relationship with vanity license plates. Some are cute, but most are corny. And thanks to our friends over at Wackocrazy we have mixed feelings once again. I guess we're just conflicted over here in the 'Hood. Holla back...

HollyhoodBuzz Sponsors Hair Cut for Halle

We are officially accepting donations on behalf of Halle Berry's Hair. We never thought we'd be saying this, but Halle looks Homely. Please leave us a comment and tell us how much you are willing to donate to Halle's HollyhoodBuzz Hair Fund. Our slogan is "Your long hair sucks, let us cut it for a buck!"

Is the Red Carpet Losing it's Fabulousness?

Unfortunately it rained on Queen Latifah's hometown movie premiere of "Last Holiday," but that's still no excuse for the nonsense that was happening on the Red Carpet. What are these celebrities wearing?From Queen Latifah to LL Cool J to Ginuwine to Robin Givens (who attended with model Marcus Schenkenberg)to Wyclef to Trump's new Apprentice Randall Pinkett--the theme of this Red Carpet was more "Clearance Rack" than "Couture." Certainly the fans, who stood in the rain to see their favorite celebs, were even more disgusted than we were.

What's Not to Love About UPN's South Beach?

In case you missed the two-hour premiere of UPN's South Beach (produced by Jennifer Lopez) last night, we wanted to let you know that HollyhoodBuzz gives the series two thumbs way up. Other than Vanessa Williams, the acting is a bit weak, but the fabulous South Beach scenery and beautiful people make up for that. We're addicted.



Whitney Houston is back on CRACK! Surprise, surprise. Let's have a moment of silence for her dead wig.
And a special thanks to our sponsor "READY ROCK" for this fabulous makeover.


Big Gay Al Gets Cozy with a New Lady

While Star Jones is off promoting her new book, her husband Big Gay Al (BGA) found a new lady friend to spend time with. BGA was spotted at Mashonda's birthday party Monday, January 9th at Cain in NYC. Hmmmmm...
Right now you're probably wondering "Who is Mashonda?" Well, she landed a hit single called "Black Out" a few months back, but most importantly she is married to super producer Swizz Beats. So like a good hubby, Swizz called in some favors and had his celebrity friends come out and support his one-hit wonder wife. In addition to BGA, Rapper T.I., Julissa from BET's 106 & Park and Ray Jay all stopped by.
HollyhoodBuzz Celebrity Lost and Found
Today's edition of Lost and Found features Singers Craig David and Tweet.Apparently these two have chosen partying over spending time in the studio. We found Craig at Club Bed in Miami Monday.

Tweet was spotted hosting the Grand Opening of Mangos Restaurant in Hackensack, NJ.
And last but not least, Suge Knight was spotted at Koi Restaurant in LA. We haven't seen him since the infamous "shooting" incident in Miami.

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