Paris Hilton Caught on Tape Saying N-Word!

Why am I NOT surprised? She says it about 3 minutes into the video.
Spotted at YBF


New VH1 Shows!

I just picked up the latest edition of Vibe Magazine with Ciara on the cover. I was shocked when the magazine revealed VH1's 2007 lineup! Did ya'll know that VH1 has the following shows planned for its 2007 according 2 Vibe:

Irv Gotti Project: Six months with the INC's CEO as he gets back on track

Charm School: Comedian Monique gives 13 Flavor of Love losers some good old fashioned home training. The most improved contestant wins. I wonder if Pumpkin, Hottie and Hoops will join the cast!

Rags to Riches:For this show's pilot episode, Snoop Dogg visits his hometown of Longbeach, CA and provides a 12 year old with one year of college tuition.

I guess I Love New York is only the begining of the madness on VH1 this year...I'll be watching!


Caution: Danger Zone--Pootie Cracks Up!

In case any of you missed this. It is my duty to bring you the "Dillusional World of Pootie!" And just so you know, Pootie was an extra in War of the Worlds! LOL But seriously, I hope he works that situation out with the repo man! Not a good look....

Mariah Poses for Playboy

I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but the Queen of airbrushing is featured in the March 2007 issue of Playboy. Howver, she doesn't go totally nude but according to reports, she does bare a lot of skin.

The photos were shot by her long-time collaborates Markus Klinko and Indrani, who also helped with her Emancipation cover art. Source

Kimora Lee Simmons gets in Fight at Alicia Keys' Bday Party!

According to the New York Daily News last week Wednesday...

It was supposed to be Alicia Keys' 27th birthday party, but Kimora Lee Simmons took center stage when she got into a bizarre screaming fight with another woman Wednesday night.

The intimate fete at Bed started out mellow enough, with Keys hanging out with her boyfriend, Kerry (Krucial) Brothers, and pals like Clive Davis, Missy Elliott and Common. But minutes after everyone had sung "Happy Birthday," a shrill voice shattered the vibe.

"Get out of my face, b-!" shrieked Kimora, according to a witness.
Guests wheeled around to find the designing wife of rap mogul Russell Simmons yelling at a woman in jeans and a tan vest. "Kimora said that the woman had thrown a drink at her," says one attendee. "She didn't look wet to me. But security grabbed the girl and ushered her out."

Asked by another guest what the fight was about, the woman said, "She's jealous of me!"
The woman couldn't be reached yesterday. Kimora's rep described her as "a disrespectful fan" who "accosted" Simmons. One source added, "Kimora doesn't even know this person, but [the woman] constantly shows up at events where Kimora is expected. Frankly, it's a little scary. Kimora is looking into getting a restraining order."


Spike Lee's Version of Dreamgirls

I love Spike's movie School Daze. It's a classic movie that actually inspired me to attend my HBCU (shout out to Johnson C. Smith University). But when I ran across this video on Youtube just now it reminded me of Dreamgirls for some reason. Maybe it's the dresses???? Hmmmm....


Trumpet Awards Pics

The 15th annual Trumpet Awards took place at the Bellagio January 22, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The awards show is a celebration of African-American achievement. Ummm..is it me or that a wet mop on top of Eric Benet's daughter India's head? NOT a good look. Where's Halle when you need her?


Robin Thicke's Wife is Paula Patton

Sorry Mom, but I just read this interview in Essence where Paula Patton (Think Denzel's Dejavu' & Outkast's Idlewild)was claiming her man Robin Thicke! They've been married for two years. So sweet. And get this, she's only been acting for 2 years!!! I find a secret joy in knowing that Robin, AKA the cutest white boy ever, is NOT married to an anorexic blonde, but that's just me. You go Paula!!




Do You Have a Dream?


New York on Jimmy Kimmel Live

She's a hot mess and her boobs are HUGE!

Spotted at Concrete Loop

Sneak Peak: J.Lo's New Show "DanceLife"

Battle of the Morning Shows: Doug Banks vs Steve Harvey

Unfortunately, here in my wonderful city, our "hip hop & R&B" station WKKV V100, owned by Clear Channel, has decided to dump the hugely popular Doug Banks Morning Show for the Steve Harvey Morning Show. To put it mildly: People are PISSED! I've only listened to Steve's show a couple of times and it just wasn't funny-at all. It seems like it wants to be the Tom Joyner Morning Show (which already airs here on another station). Well, of course there is an online petition to bring the Doug Banks Morning Show back. Take a look at the petition HERE which already has 1639 signatures. Despite the petition, I have a feeling we'll be stuck with Steve for a couple years. **sigh**

Amerie Speaks on Beyonce

Found at SOHH

Midwest Celeb Watching: Chicago's Party Scene

Look what I found in my Inbox today...These are truly random photos of celebs partying in Chi-town recently. Lil Kim, Flava Flav, Ja Rule (remember him?), Kanye West, Vivica Fox, Lisa Raye, R. Kelly, Fonzworth Bentley and many more. These were all taken at different parties. Click the links below to see more.

More pics
More here


Who is Eddie Murphy's Real Life Character in Dreamgirls?

Folks keep emailing me and asking me who Eddie was playing in Dreamgirls. Here's the answer according to the Los Angeles Daily News...

Character: James "Thunder" Early (Eddie Murphy)

Real-life counterpart: Jackie Wilson/James Brown with a dash of Marvin Gaye

Backstory: Early mixes the 1950s R&B of Wilson with 1960s soul power of Brown, with results that will be familiar to anyone who saw Murphy's Godfather of Soul sketches on "Saturday Night Live." Later, when Early attempts a social-message record a la Gaye's "What's Going On," he wears the same kind of crocheted hat that Gaye favored at the time.

Complete Story

Miracle Bra or Boob Job?

It's hard for me to believe Paris JUST discovered the wonders of a push up bra. My gut is telling me somebody had a boob job, no? Spotted over at Dlisted.

I Love New York: Guys Myspace Pages

Check out the guys Myspace pages over at YBF

Will Smith Honored @ Museum of Moving Image

I saw a commercial for this on Bravo! recently, but I'm not sure when it will air. But I did a little digging and found all the pics over at Instyle.com! According to Instyle, Will Smith's life and career—from his early days as the Fresh Prince to his success at the box office—were celebrated by the Museum of the Moving Image
The event took place on December 3, but these pics are new to me! Congrats to Will!

View All Pics

Get in Shape with LL Cool J!

After I post these pics I'm headed to the gym and I suggest you do the same! I've been trying to keep up with my crunches in the new year, but it is so hard!!! These pics of LL are just the motivation I needed. I don't know about you, but LL motivates me to work out way more than Richard Simmons!!!! LOL
For those of you who need more motivation, here's Kanye's New Work Out Plan video **1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right and Tuck your tummy tight and do your crunches like this**

Carrie Bradshaw & Effie White

Also known as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Hudson. Looking good ladies! These two were spotted recently at the National Board of Review Awards Gala on January 9.

The Actor & the Inspiration: Will Smith and Chris Gardner

Writer Chris Gardner, Italian director Gabriele Muccino and actor Will Smith attended the 'Pursuit Of Happyness' photocall at the Hotel Excelsior on January 11, in Rome, Italy. I heard the book is better than the movie, but isn't that always the case? I haven't seen/read either of them yet.


Jason Kidd Divorces Psycho Wife

Oh boy. This woman sounds crazy. But then again, Jason Kidd isn't an angel. Kidd recently filed divorce papers claiming his wife taunted him while sitting courtside at his games, has laid in front of his car to stop him from leaving and installed tracking devices on his cars and computers. They are back in court on January 17.

Read Story


New York talks boobs, booze and Newport 100s with AOL Black Voices

Here's what she said about her recent boob job.

Did you get plastic surgery?

Yes. And if I can just rebuttal real quick, that is so amazing because I am one of the most confident women that I know besides my mother. The reason why I really went and got a breast job was because, onceagain, I was tired of my weight fluctuating in that area... I was so sick of it. I was like 'Hey, we gotta make this a permanent busty type thing.' That's the real reason why I really got my breasts done. It wasn't really because I wasn't happy with what God gave me. I was just tired of him giving it to me and taking it back on certain days.

Read entire interview

New Female Super Rap Group?

Remy Ma, Shawnna and Jackie-O are supposedly teaming up to record an album. Hmmm...Maybe Kim and Foxy need to team up now? This should get interesting. I hope these chix don't get to fighting in the studio!LOL My favorite out of the three is Remy Ma. She's tight with the freestyle

Lil Kim: Let's Talk Eyebrows

Ok, folks, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw these pics. WTF! I'm not sure how the ladies arch their eyebrows in prison, but Kim, this is NOT a good look. Kim needs to make an appointment with Oprah's eyebrow specialist Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills. She is the eyebrow guru and she's Oprah's favorite. I'm no expert, but I think Kim's brows are too close together, no?


One word: Fabulous! Apllause please. Oh, and by the way, I took my mom to see Dreamgirls over the holiday, even though I had already seen it. J. HUD's performance was even better the second time around. Gotta love her! Here she is on her way to tape her interview on David Letterman's show.

1.8.07 Stomp the Yard Movie Premiere

I think I'm gonna pass on this movie. But here are some pics of Megan Good, Gabrielle Union, Chris Brown and Neyo @ the Premiere.

Sony/BMG Records is Racist?

This is a hot mess. Can you say boycott, walk out, something!!!

According to www.sohh.com:
A federal agency has revealed that Sony BMG Music Entertainment, home to Columbia and Jive Records, intentionally laid off its black employees from a New York City sales office while keeping its white employees.

I REALLY Love New York!

Hello friends and family. It's been a while. I hope you all had a great holiday season. As you can see, I took some time off from blogging over the holidays. But have no fear, Hollyhoodbuzz is still here. Thanks for the emails and text messages asking me what's going on with the site! Well let's move on to the gossip...

First of all, if you missed the first episode of I Love New York which aired tonight on VH1, you are in for a real treat. NY is in full, dramatic effect and once again, VH1 is aiming ot please with lots of nonsense and drama which I plan to enjoy! Here's the season preview in case you're interested.

Check me out!
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