New VH1 Shows!

I just picked up the latest edition of Vibe Magazine with Ciara on the cover. I was shocked when the magazine revealed VH1's 2007 lineup! Did ya'll know that VH1 has the following shows planned for its 2007 according 2 Vibe:

Irv Gotti Project: Six months with the INC's CEO as he gets back on track

Charm School: Comedian Monique gives 13 Flavor of Love losers some good old fashioned home training. The most improved contestant wins. I wonder if Pumpkin, Hottie and Hoops will join the cast!

Rags to Riches:For this show's pilot episode, Snoop Dogg visits his hometown of Longbeach, CA and provides a 12 year old with one year of college tuition.

I guess I Love New York is only the begining of the madness on VH1 this year...I'll be watching!


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