Is TI a Prophet?

After receiving the news about Rapper TI's involvement in a Cincinnati shoot out, Hollyhoodbuzz took a closer look at the lyrics to TI's hit song "What You Know About That?, one of our favorite songs right now, from his new album King. TI's references to "guns", burying people and the "news" are almost prophetic.

Candy on the '64
Leather guts and fish bowl
50 on the pinky ring just to make my fist glow
Ya b*$#@es get low
Because I get dough
So what? I'm rich ho
I still pull a-kick-do'
What you talking sh*@ fo'?
gotta run and hit fo'?
Got you yellin and I thought you put out a gun hit fo
But you's a scary dude
Believed by very few
Just keep it very cool
Or we will bury you
See all that attitude's, unneccesary dude
Cause you never Carry Tools not even square he cubed
You got these people fooled, who see me on the tube
Whatever try the crew, they'll see you on the news


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