Top 20 Whitest and Blackest Names

Keep hope alive! If Condoleeza Rice can succeed, so can Imani, Ebony, Shanice, DeShaun and DeAndre.

Sept. 21, 2006 — Studies of resumes have found that people with black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks. "20/20" put 22 pairs of names to the test, posting identical resumes except for the names at the top. Watch "20/20" Friday Night at 10
The resumes with the white-sounding names were actually downloaded 17 percent more often by job recruiters than the resumes with black-sounding names.

Spotted at Dlisted

20 "Whitest" /"Blackest" Girl Names

Molly / Imani
Amy / Ebony
Claire / Shanice
Emily / Aaliyah
Katie / Precious
Madeline / Nia
Katelyn / Deja
Emma / Diamond
Abigail / Asia
Carly / Aliyah
Jenna / Jada
Heather / Tierra
Katherine / Tiara
Caitlin / Kiara
Kaitlin / Jazmine
Holly / Jasmin
Allison / Jazmin
Kaitlyn / Jasmine
Hannah / Alexus
Kathryn / Raven

20 "Whitest" /"Blackest" Boy Names

Jake / DeShawn
Connor / DeAndre
Tanner / Marquis
Wyatt / Darnell
Cody / Terrell
Dustin / Malik
Luke / Trevon
Jack / Tyrone
Scott / Willie
Logan / Dominique
Cole / Demetrius
Lucas / Reginald
Bradley / Jamal
Jacob / Maurice
Garrett / Jalen
Dylan / Darius
Maxwell / Xavier
Hunter / Terrance
Brett / Andre
Colin / Darryl


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so stupid. I am from Europe.
Names such as Maurice and Marquis Demitrius, Xavier, Dominique are European names. Are you really telling me that I jaded my children by naming them according to my heritage? America is so screwed up. But I guess I'm preaching to the choir, ain't I.

2:53 PM  

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