How the Hell Does Tupac Have a Myspace Page!

See people are just doing way too much with this Myspace madness. How and why does Tupac Shakur have a Myspace page? I'm a huge Pac fan but seeing him on Myspace was quite creepy. And please don't tell me Suge Knight has one too! LOL ...


Anonymous LBoogie said...

Thank you! Am I the only one who is tired of My Space, between the flavor of luv broads and now Tupac, I am good. I have never had a page and never will. Let's try upgrading and getting a real site people! Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh enough already!!

10:20 PM  
Blogger grabthatupacalypse said...

This site is pretty interesting. I cant help but check it out when I get time to myself. Yeah we Party pretty good up here. But we Learn alot too. All the libraries, books and Professors you can handle. Cool-Ass-Professors too! Like we're at Emory U.

Another site I love to visit is

But it's nothing for those who are camera-shy. Walk with me w Arms wide Open.

5:05 PM  
Blogger robrob said...

tupacs myspace name is rukahs. search find people-second frm top on list. on his site check it out then go to marlens page. there you will find a pic of him handing a cake two his twins but his hat covers his face.u be the jugde.

9:43 PM  

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