Tyra Banks wants to be a Baby's Mama: But has Love Stolen her Sense of Style?

According to Inside TV, Tyra's ready to become a BM (baby's mama) to her boyfriend Giancarlo Marcaccini, a 33-year-old entrepreneur and gelato manufacturer. After all, who doesn't love gelato? Yum...Anywho, her man is also a former Italian pro basketball player.

"I want to conquer motherhood," Banks told the magazine.

We know Tyra's in love and all, but there seems to be a little hypocrisy going on here. Tyra is the brains behind America's Next Top Model, so what's up with this photo? Especially since just last week, the remaining ANTM contestants were lectured about the importance of always looking fabulous for those unexpected paparazzi shots. Tyra, please don't get all frumpy on us now that you're in mommy mode and get rid of those jail braids asap or else we'll have to send you home!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn. giancarlo ain't even that good lookin. tyra is a bad bitch and she sexy. she can do waaaaay better than that fasho!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is not a flattering photo of either one of them...but to you anonymous, you should clean your glasses 'cause he is FINE!!! dont hate:-)

4:51 AM  

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