Trump vs the NY Times

We love The Donald here in the 'Hood! If you haven't heard, Trump is furious with the New York Times. He even wrote about it on his blog, check it out....

Life is Never Easy, Even When You're Doing Well
Posted: 10/28/2005 9:37:00 AM
by Donald J. Trump
Chairman, Trump University
I talked about this earlier in the week on my daily radio show, but I have more to say. Someone just wrote a book about me. It's the biggest pile of garbage I've ever seen, written by a highly questionable and, some people say, disgraced reporter named Tim O'Brien.

I looked up O'Brien on the Internet and found stories comparing him to Jayson Blair. Blair was The New York Times' infamous reporter, who was fired in shame after he was found guilty of fabricating stories, sources, and quotes.

Jayson Blair almost took down The New York Times, and now the paper might be taken down by Judith Miller, who's just as bad as Jayson Blair. If you're reading other newspapers, Miller is the Times' reporter who went to jail for refusing to reveal her sources, but is now part of a sordid mess that is still being sorted out, which involves the White House, the CIA, and The New York Times.

The fact is The New York Times is going to hell. They published a major story about me on Sunday that they knew was wrong. On Sunday morning, right after the paper came out, my lawyer got a call from a lawyer at The New York Times asking if we wanted to correct the story. He didn't even wait until Monday, probably because he figured the lawsuits would be filed by then. The paper's editors knew the story was wrong, but they wanted to try and sell newspapers.

The New York Times was once a great newspaper, but it's not worth the paper it's printed on anymore. Changes have to be made. The New York Times is now reeling from so many huge mistakes by reporters and management that people are saying it's one of the worst newspapers in America.

There really has to be a shakeup at The Times, and I hope it happens soon. Too many people rely on it for factual information.

By the way, to the lawyer who called my lawyers on Sunday morning: Don't worry, we'll get back to you.
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