Paris has crappy PR

Paris Hilton doesn't have any fans here at Hollyhood. And according to insiders, her publicists don't like her much either. Maybe that's why she can't keep one. She recently dumped her fiance' Paris Lastis and her publicist Rob Shuter, a respected PR pro at Manhattan PR powerhouse Dan Klores Associates.

“She’s a pain in the ass and demands constant attention,” says an inside source.
Though Shuter weathered the firestorm of coverage surrounding Hilton’s ill-fated engagement, Paris was not pleased. “She felt that the press wasn’t respectful enough,” says an insider, “I mean, Rob’s a publicist, not a magician.” Amen to that. And what has Paris done to deserve any respect? Oh, that's right, she did the sex tape with her ex-boyfriend. As you know, Paris was voted one of Hollyhood's Top 10 Most Boring Celebrities (see previous entry) and there's nothing any publicist can do to change that. She may need to hire David Copperfield.

Her new publicist is Jack Ketsoyan from PMK/HBH. “I just took her on as of Monday. I’m handling everything—the music, the shows, everything. I’m very excited, and we’re looking forward to working with her.”

Ketsoyan should probably talk to her former rep Rob Shuter before he gets too excited. And good luck promoting Paris' CD, we're sure it will be "Hot!"


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