Hollyhood's Top 10 Most BORING Celebrities...yawn...

The Hollyhood team has spent countless hours developing our much-anticipated Top 10 Most Boring Celebrities list. Honestly, it was hard to stay awake as we deliberated over which celebrities bored us the most. You may not approve of our list, but this wouldn’t be the 'Hood if we didn’t keep it real. We used an extremely non-scientific process called The 3 P’s -- Personality, Publicity and Performance-- to evaluate celebrities and determine the current winners.
1.Beyonce & Jay-Z: 10 YYYYYYYYYYawns

•Hip Hop’s former “IT” couple is so last year. We’ve seen these two at award shows, seen photos of them vacationing, and caught a glimpse of them courtside at NBA basketball games. Enough already. Individually, we love them; but Hollyhood is so over B & J as an item. Get married or break up already!

2.Paris (& Nicky) Hilton:

•It’s time for Paris to go away. We also suggest she expand her vocabulary beyond “That’s Hot.” And speaking of hot, Paris is NOT! Just like her boring sister Nicky, Paris is such an afterthought.

3. America’s Next Top Model winner Naima: 8 YYYYYYYYawns
•This Top Model is on the bottom in the personality department. Watching her on television is like watching paint dry. She’s no Eva the Diva. Need we say more?

4.Michelle from Destiny’s Child: 7 YYYYYYYawns
•After much deliberation, Hollyhood has decided that Michelle just doesn’t cut the mustard as a member of Destiny’s Child. She can’t dance, her singing is questionable and she hardly ever talks during media interviews. There’s nothing exciting about Michelle (other than her falling during DC’s live performance of the hit song “Soldier" on BET’s 106 & Park. You can watch her fall over and over again at this site http://ghettosoul.com/mmedia.htm .)

5.Jessica Alba: 6 YYYYYYawns
•If you were the victim of Alba’s movies Fantastic 4 or Honey then you know why she is on our list. Her acting skills are very limited at best. Her latest movie “Into the Blue” looks boring, just like her.

6.Brittany Spears (and Kevin Federline): 5 YYYYYawns
•Two words: Who cares?

7.Katie Holmes: 4 YYYYawns
•Katie does seem like a sweet young lady. But,even with all the couch jumping surrounding her engagement to Tom Cruise, Katie bores us to death. We want her to break out of her shell. Unfortunately, the only thing even remotely exciting about Katie is her cold sores.

8.Ashanti: 3 YYYawns
•Remember her? We’re not sure what she’s been up to lately. But, since her new fragrance “Precious Jewel” is available exclusively at Wal Mart (not Macy’s, Saks or Nordstroms) we thought she deserved a spot on this prestigious list.

9.Jennifer Lopez: 2 YYawns

The fact that she’s still married to Mark Anthony makes Jenny from the Block officially boring. Isn’t she overdue for a divorce? We don't think she's been exciting since the famous green dress she wore to the Grammy's.

10.John Legend: 1 Yawn
•He’s a talented artist, but he seems a bit corny to us. Lucky for him, he’s signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and we all agree that Kanye West has enough personality to make up for John Legend’s lack of one.


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