Should VH1’s Hip Hop Honors change its name to Hip Hop Has Beens?

As the Hollyhood team was watching the program here are the other 10 Questions that came to our minds:

1. Doesn't Diddy (Sean John, Puff, P. Diddy) need to let B.I.G go?
2. Did you really want to see Ice-T perform?
3. Weren't you glad they recognized the movie Boyz in the Hood?
4. Wasn't it weird watching Salt N' Peppa perform What a Man?
5. Is LL Cool J on steroids?
6. Wasn't Kanye's performance boring without Jamie Fox?
7. Isn't Ciara's hair looking better now days?
8. Doesn't Jermaine Dupri look like a troll?
9. When did VH1 get into Hip Hop?
10. Shouldn't Hip Hop Honors be on BET?


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