Mariah's A Mess: But We Still Love Her

After completely bombing during her performance at the BET Awards, we gave Mariah Carey a chance to redeem herself on the MTV Video Music Awards. That was a bad idea. Once again she bombed. She has NO stage presence and has proven that again and again on both award shows.

Everyone at Hollyhood agrees that Mariah is a victim: Beautiful Voice, Bad Stylist.

Mariah is not a dancer, she is a singer and we know and appreciate that fact. Unfortunately, in today's music industry a good dancer with an average voice (think Ciara's Goodies, Jennifer Lopez's Get Right and Britney Spears' Toxic) can sell billions of records and win many accolades. On the other hand, an awesome voice with two left feet (think Mariah) just can't cut it in today's music world.

Don't get us wrong, Hollyhood loves Mariah's latest CD. And we love her voice. We just hate her stylist. Enough is enough. The Hollyhood team agrees not only does she need a new stylist, the woman needs a STYLE-period. Her hair is never quite right and her outfits just don't do it for the Hollyhood fashion critics. Mariah is fabulous and we want her to know it. But, it's time to start covering up and wearing more clothes. Don't you agree?


Blogger The Blog said...

First, off I think Ciara has a good voice. Of course she is no mariah, but I think she is good.

Secondly, Mariah, has a amazing voice, no doubt. She can't dance and she doesn't need to because her voice is enough. What her major problem is all those hoe outfits she wears on stage. Now Mariah, has a nice shape, but she always wears these slut-fits that are too young for her. What is she in her thirties now and she is still wearing clothes from the rave and deb. Not only does she need a new stylist but she needs a personality makeover too.

11:27 PM  
Blogger wolly said...

yeah. i agree 2. ciara does has a good voice. it ain't bomb but she is workin it though.

12:33 PM  

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