Us Weekly uses "Split" article to retaliate against Jessica Simpson

Industry insiders tell Hollyhood that there is more to the Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey breakup story than meets the eye. In case you've haven't already seen the Us Weekly Magazine cover featuring Newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey with the cover headline "SPLIT" here it is. The mag says it'll explain how "Her ego, partying and dad drove them apart." But, Hollyhood has done a little digging, only to find out that the Us Weekly "Split" article may not be revealing the entire story.

Gossip industry insiders claim that Us Weekly has a bone to pick with the couple, Radaronline.com recently reported. According to insiders, the story is retaliation for Simpson's ill-advised exclusive contract with OK! magazine.

"Us used to have a spectacular relationship with Jessica, right down to having their fashion editor style her for major events and photographing the whole process," says an editor at one of the weeklies. "She also had a great deal with People, who put her birthday party on their cover with all sorts of flattering photos inside. When Joe sold her out to OK!, he gave up her chance to work with People, Us or anyone else and now she's paying for it."

The $200,000, 2-year deal, set up in August by her dad, Joe Simpson, reportedly locked the Dukes of Hazard star into a six-cover commitment, and prohibited her from giving other tabs feature-worthy access, which has angered many editors.

In the past Us Weekly was known for being pro-Jessica and often published Joe-Simpson-planted items. But the magazine went for the jugular with this week's "SPLIT!" cover story, which pins blame for the couple's troubles solely on Jessica.

The roundly denied scoop was far from exclusive, however, Life & Style carries essentially the same story, but with better detail, including an anecdote about Simpson breaking down in tears on an American Airlines flight post-breakup.

Simpson's rep could not be reached for comment. But, unlike Simpson's rep, if you're reading this story you are available for comment, so leave us one! Click the comment button and let us know what you think! We want to hear from you.


Blogger Schanina said...

I heard about this on the radio last week. I can't believe they really did split...after all the denial over the past few months. I like Nick, but I don't have a real opinion of Jessica. Nick seems like he is more down to earth than her! Then again, divorce isn't good. I hope they work it out.

8:46 AM  

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