Hollyhood's Hottest New Couple: Eddie Murphy & Johnny Gill

The blogworld is buzzing about Eddie and Johnny. We've all heard the rumors, but now, although unconfirmed, the paparazzi caught these two lovebirds leaving a gay club. HollyhoodBuzz has decided to let the pictures speak for themselves. Trust us, this is not easy for us to do. Instead of us doing all the talking, we want to hear from you...

For more details on this budding romance, stop by our friends at http://datbury.blogspot.com by clicking the link below.


Anonymous CeeJay said...

Both of the gentlemen are adults which gives them the freedom to choose and select their mates; nevertheless both are public/celebrity figures and by all means we should not judge anyone especially if they have made a effort to keep it on the DL. Grin and bear it!

7:06 PM  

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