Questions from the Hood

1. Doesn't Usher Raymond's new movie "In the Mix" look awful?
2. Is Christina Millian dating Jamie Foxx?
3. Is Star Jones angry that Shaquille O'Neil inked a 5-year deal with Payless?
4. Will you buy a pair of Shaq's Dunkman Athletic Shoes at Payless?
5. Did you know Nicole Richie is doing an ad campaign for Jimmy Choo Shoes?
6. Weren't the Eurythmics great at last night's American Music Awards?
7. Should Mary J. be angry at her stylist or Vibe for that awful cover?
8. Are Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Steffani taking over hip hop?
9. What's up with that Laffy Taffy song by D4L?
10. Is Paul Wall really white?


Blogger Shawn said...

Yes I would purchase a pair of Shaq shoes, before I buy a pair of Jordans, S. Carters, GUnits. Our kids are killing each other and themselves for these high priced tennis shoes. Most people who buy high price tennis shoes should be wearing Shaq shoes. It makes no damn sense. Big ups to Shaq!!!

1:01 AM  

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