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Morris Chestnut Divorces Wife
With the recent holiday we almost missed this, and maybe you did too. Leave us a comment and let us know if this is news to you too or if we're on the late boat with this.
Ok ladies, don't get too excited, but Actor Morris Chestnut is divorcing his wife Pam, according to the St. Louis American . A spokesperson for the couple say that the marriage is being dissolved because of irreconcilable differences. As Chestnut transitions back into single life, he'll also be making the transition to television. He is getting his own show on NBC called 'Dante,' where he will play a former NFL superstar whose ego is so big, he is out of touch with reality. Hopefully his on-screen persona won't turn him into a jerk off-screen.

Is Fantasia Pregnant?
This picture of Fantasia (by way of crunktastical.blogspot.com), raised some eyebrows here in the hood. Looks like there may be a little 'Tasia on the way. Or maybe she's just been snacking more than usual in her reading classes. We'll let you be the judge.
Christina Millian Dating Ray Charles?
Goodbye Nick Cannon, Hello Jamie Foxx. If you haven't heard by now, Christina Millian is rumored to be dating Jamie Foxx. We figured this out back in September when they were photographed together partying at MTV's Video Music Awards. We even dug back in our files to share the photo with you. The couple has been spotted kissing in public and the two were seen in Miami at Empire Events' Secret Society party at BED, where they were joined by former Miami Dolphin OJ McDuffy, basketball legend Julius Irving and New Orleans Saints player Kijana Carter. We're certain Christina's hoping dating Jamie Foxx will help jumpstart her so-called career.
Busta Rhymes gets a Hair Cut
Rapper Busta Rhymes has cut his hair for the first time in 16 years. He traded in his famous locks for a clean Caesar. Busta recently said: "I started growing these in December '89. I was 17. I signed my [record] deal and said I ain't combing my hair no more. I don't have to."

We'll get to see Mr. "Who-Hah!" sporting his new look in his video for "Touch It" in just a couple of weeks.
Eva the Diva's Birthday Bash: You're Invited
America's Next Top Model Winner Eva the Diva is celebrating her 21st Birthday in New York today. Eva's guest list, leaked by the New York Post, includes Kanye West, Tyra Banks and Missy Elliott. The paper reported that one of Eva's gifts will be a life-size portrait of herself posing as legendary singer Josephine Baker. Her unconfirmed fiance Henry Simmons will probably be in attendance. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for that engagement ring everyone has been talking about.
Ashanti Should NOT Sing or Dance at her Wedding

Now that Beyonce is taking a break, the unmultitalented Ashanti Douglas is back on the scene. Her new single "Still on It" featuring Paul Wall and Method Man is heating up the airwaves. (The fact that she has TWO rappers on ONE song should tell you that her singing isn't so great) According to insiders, Ashanti has been sporting a rock on her finger courtesy of her man Nelly. She even wore it to the courtroom during the trial of her ex-boyfriend Irv Gotti. We love Nelly's new song 'Grillz,' an anthem praising the removable gold- and diamond-encrusted tooth ornamentation. We think Ashanti and Nelly should exchange iced-out grills instead of a wedding bands, we just pray the bride-to-be doesn't sing or dance durng the ceremony.


Anonymous gigi e. said...

nope...the morris thing was news to me.
and who the hell is christina millian? i'm on the late show. she looks pretty young.

7:32 AM  

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