Source Magazine's Benzino Leaves Angry, X-Rated Voicemails

HOLLYHOODBUZZ READERS BEWARE! SOURCE MAGAZINE'S BENZINO HAS A SERIOUS POTTY MOUTH. If you're at work, listen to this on your HEADPHONES or wait until you get home. Here's the story: We hear Benzino is upset at Ozone Magazine editor Julia Beverly about naming him the Biggest Extortionist of the year in the magazine. (The article, pictured left, questions how the hell Benzino became co-editor of the Source.) So, in true HollyHOOD fashion, Benzino cussed her out via two nasty voicemail messages. Brace yourselves! You've been warned...

The audio was emailed to us by one of our loyal readers, Track Lacer, by way of Hiphopmusic.com. Thanks Track!

Benzino: The Mad Editor/Crappy Rapper

Julia Beverly: The Publisher that got Cussed Out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Benzino really needs to get his life together! Was all of that really called for & what did he prove by doing that...I wonder if he really knows how ignorant he sounded, there has to be a better way to address the situation especially when your supposed to be a "business man". Even though some of us may feel like cussing somebody at our job out or maybe even our boss you just don't do it!

4:36 PM  

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