More Random Rumors....

Top Model [Runner Up] Nik parties in Miami
Nik (America's Next Top Model's Cycle 3 runner up) brought in the new year with the King of Crunk. Lil Jon and Nik were spotted partying in South Beach on Ocean Drive. We're still not sure why Tyra picked what's her name.

DMX does his own PR
Who needs a high-priced publicist when you can deliver your media statements via freestyle! Troubled rapper DMX talked about his legal troubles during a recent freestyle rap for the television cameras.

Singer Monica loves Exotic Dancers
Monica recently threw her baby's daddy's 27th birthday party at a strip club in Atlanta. We hear Monica tips very well. Where them dollas at? She even spent some quality time with the scrippas (this one looks like a man, hmmm)! Awww...scrippas need love too! Sandra Rose has all the photos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monica is so Ghetto Fab and she always has been! Bless her heart!

4:37 PM  

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