Ghetto Gossip for the New Year

Happy New Year HollyhoodBuzz visitors! It was quiet in the 'Hood over the holidays and we hope you enjoyed your time off as much as we did. But now that the holidays are over, we're looking forward to spreading more celebrity rumors, gossip and half truths in 2006. To make sure we start 2006 off on the right foot, here's some Ghetto Gossip just for you. Enjoy...

The Flavor of Love
Since this is Ghetto Gossip, we figured we'd start off talking about ghetto superstar Flava Flav. His new show on VH1 "The Flavor of Love" premiered Sunday night. If you missed this circus, check out some clips here.
Somehow, VH1's producers found a bunch of insane women who want to compete for Flava Flav's affection. "I want to find someone I can share my world with," Flav said on the show. We have a feeling crack is a big part of his world! Just say no Flava!

King Kong's a winner, Cheaper's a sinner and Hillary Duff is Hungry
The holiday break gave us an opportunity to catch up on some much-hyped movies in the 'Hood. Our sneak peeks included King Kong and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. We fell in love with King Kong, the movie is a big winner on our book.
On the other hand, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 was horrible. More importantly, what happened to Hillary Duff? She's starting to look like a Bobblehead doll and her neck is having some issues. Hopefully she got a McDonald's Arch Card for Christmas becuase she looks hungry.

Vivica Fox's Face needs an Intervention
Apparently actress Vivica Fox is another victim of an evil Hollywood plastic surgeon. We found this photo quite frightening.

Will Gwen Stefani have a 'Holla Back Girl?'
In case you missed the news, Gwen Stefani is pregnant. We already know that she "Ain't No Holla Back Girl," but there's a possibility she give birth to one. We're still not sure what that means, but here's the real story in case you're interested.

Eva Longoria: 'He's Mexican, he probably just wants an autograph'
Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria plans to file charges against a Texan traffic cop who ticketed her boyfriend, San Antonio Spur Tony Parker, on Christmas Eve. Longoria was apparently shocked and appalled after the officer accused her of making derogatory racial comments about him. He quoted Longoria as saying, "He's Mexican, he probably just wants an autograph."

The cop is currently under investigation for misconduct. She claims the officer’s behavior was uncalled for when he pulled her and her man over for impeding traffic.

Will Diddy ever name his New Band?

Despite not having a name, Diddy's Making the Band 3 winners have been spotted out and about mixing and mingling with celebrities. They were recently spotted at a club in New York with the show's choreographer Lorriann. Diddy's so busy promoting deceased rapper Notorious BIG's new album, he probably doesn't have time to come up with a name. We think they should be called "15 Minutes" and they might wanna check the clock around Flava Flav's neck because their time is almost up. Tick tock...

Rapper/Producer Jermaine Dupri Rules the Radio
Over the holidays we heard alot from producer Jermaine Dupri. Chances are, you probably have too! JD's music dominates radio airwaves nationwide and there's no denying it. JD, who is Janet Jackson's man, wrote all of Mariah Carey's hit singles from her latest album (think Don't Forget About Us, Shake it Off, We Belong Together, It's like That) and is in heavy rotation with Dem Franchise Boys (Oh I think They Like Me) and had started an epidemic with Nelly and Paul Wall on the song Grillz!


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