America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 Theory

ANTM Cycle 5 winner Nicole
We've been getting lots of emails and people are upset about last night's ANTM finale. Yes Nicole is the official winner of ANTM's Cycle 5. We loved Bre and Nik, but Tyra obviously didn't since she sent them packing. We hate to say it but everything we predicted about the season finale happened. It's sad, but it seems to us that, like everything in life, some politics were involved with the show.

We knew Bre was going to get eliminated, in addition to her being the underdog, the show couldn't have two African Americans (Bre and Nik) as the final two. We're certain producers felt an African American and a white person would secure a broader viewership and higher ratings than two little black girls. And Nik was by far the strongest of the two. So Bye bye Bre, we'll miss you girl!
Furthermore, although Naima, with her boring self, won the last cycle she hasn't gotten nearly as much publicity as Eva the Diva. But since the last two winners were models of color (Eva and Naima), Tyra had to let a white person win this cycle. But that's just our theory here in the Hood...Below are the previous winners in order (Adrianne, Yoanna, Eva and Naima).


Anonymous LBoogie said...

Thank you for posting that! I was truly an ANTM fan, but now I'm not sure. It's sad when "reality" TV no longer is a reality!We all knew deep down that they couldn't let another sistah win!It's all good though I'm sure that Bre & Nik will be very sucessful in their future modeling endeavors!

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Nelly Nel said...

Same theory I had... Of course three black girls couldn't win in a row... and the only top model really doing something is Ms. Eva the Diva... and while I did like Naima... she does suck... Yoana... however u spell it... she sucks too.. and the first one... is out of her mind... she act like a druggie... because nicole is not even that cute to me... although.. her walk was fierce at the fashion show... and how they gon say Nic to bouncy? She got boobs... what happens to boobs when they free to roam? If they young ones they bounce and if they old they swing low... so she had no choice but to be bouncy...

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Celebstalker said...

I agree with this theory. I'm sure Tyra doesn't want to be accused of favoring the lil black girls. But Nik should have won. She is beautiful. Thanks for posting this. Seems like no one else wants to talk about the subject.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those were my thoughts exactly. Too much color, not enough vanilla. We knew winner #5 would be a white girl, no matter what. I guarantee in the end Nic is going to come out on top 'cause she is striking, and totally different from Nicole. Nicole's looks are a dime a dozen.

Remember when Mercedes lost to "what's her name?" Right, and Mercedes has more work than she can handle.

12:27 AM  

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