HollyhoodBuzz Ghetto Gossip 12/13/2005

Mekhi Phifer's 3rd Annual Holiday Party
In case you missed it, ER star Mekhi Phifer threw his 3rd Annual Holiday Party at his LA mansion recently. Mekhi, who attended with a mystery lady, had celebs like Jamie Fox, Regina King, Paris Hilton, Don Cheadle, Gabrielle Union, Jaleel White and Shaun Robinson at the event.

There's Something About Remy: But is It Plastic Surgery?

Happy Holidays Hood Dwellers! We had a few revelations recently after seeing Terror Squad's Remy Ma on BET's 106 & Park. First, let us say she looked fabulous, in a Lil Kim kind of way, and her new single "Conceited" is our new theme song here in the 'Hood. But the major revelation was that Remy Ma looks extremely different than we remembered her-especially her nose. Apparently, she's conceited because she is looking much better now days. We're just not sure if it's because she's on a good diet or has a good surgeon, but, in the words of Remy Ma "WHUTEVA!" Her new album: There's Something About Remy will be in stores soon, but her new look is very reminiscent of Lil Kim's transformation from cute to creepy.

Does Fergie say the N-Word in the song Humps?
We've heard rumors that Fergie said the N-word in a previous version of the Black Eyed Peas hit single "My Humps." Her verse at the beginning of the song goes something like this: I drive these brothas crazy, I do it on the daily..." in the radio version. On some radio stations they even edit the word brothas, which actually makes it sound even more like she says the N-word. Online lyrics sources claim she says brothas, fellas and even scrubbers. Well, here in the 'Hood, we think it's highly questionable that she's driving any brothas crazy other than her bandmates: will.i.am, apl.de.ap and Taboo by stealing all their shine.

Dennis Rodman is Still Crazy

Well some things never change. In case you've been looking for former NBA star Dennis Rodman, we found him by way of Socialite's Life looking a hot mess as usual. Based on this recent photo, he's still acting a damn fool. Oh Lawd!

Congratulations Angela Bassett!

Angela, and her husband, Actor Courtney Vance will soon be parents. A surrogate mother is carrying twins for the couple, and the expected arrival is early next year. The January issue of Essence magazine celebrates beauty, and will feature Queen Latifah, Gabrielle Union and Angela Bassett on the cover.

Tevin Campbell to star in Hairspray
Is anyone surprised by this? We sure aren't! According to www.eurweb.com, R&B singer Tevin Campbell is making his Broadway debut in the eight-time Tony Award winning musical, Hairspray. The former Quincy Jones protégé, took an unplanned hiatus from the music industry after a sex scandal tarnished his image. Let us refresh your memory, back in 1999 the story went a little something like this:

R&B singer Tevin Campbell was ordered to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings and an AIDS awareness class after pleading no contest to soliciting a lewd act from an undercover policeman, according to the Associated Press.

Campbell, 22, was also fined $1,080 Monday for the misdemeanor conviction stemming from his July 8 arrest. He was ordered to return to court February 7 with proof that he has completed the drug rehabilitation and AIDS education requirements of his sentence.

The singer was arrested in a police sting outside of Van Nuys Elementary School in Los Angeles.

Campbell made his debut at the age of twelve when he sang on "Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)," from Quincy Jones' 1989 album, "Back On The Block." Soon after that, the artist then known as Prince invited Campbell to sing on the 1990 "Graffiti Bridge" soundtrack; Campbell contributed "Round And Round." In 1991, Campbell released his debut album, "T.E.V.I.N."

We Still Love Aretha

This photo of Aretha came to us by way of Perez Hilton and for once, we're at a loss of words.

'Don't Cha' want the Pussycat Dolls to Break Up!
Dear Santa, we only have one wish for Christmas. Please make the Pussycat Dolls breakup. It's obvious the lead singer Nicole wants to go solo and leave the Dolls in the dust. Come to think of it, we don't even know if the other girls can sing. We just don't want any more cheesy songs like 'Don't Cha' and 'Stickwitu.'

Nelly's Mouth Jewelry is out of Control
It's just not fair that Nelly is walking around with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold and diamond teeth in his mouth when we're over here in the 'Hood eating Oodles of Noodles. That ain't right!

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Celebrities
What an exciting year! As we look back at 2005, we've been able to identify some great gift ideas for our favorite celebrities:
1. Marriage Counseling (great gift for Nick and Jessica, Denzel, Morris Chesnut and Gabrielle Union)

2. Grillz (perfect for Nelly, Mike Jones, Paul Wall and most rappers)

3. Plastic Surgery (wonderful gift idea for any celebrity)

4. Cocaine and/or Crack (perfect for Whitney Houston and/or Bobby Brown and Kate Moss)

5. Talent (the Pussycat Dolls could use a lot of this, and D4L -who sing that friggin Laffy Taffy song- could use a ton)


Blogger Shawn said...

I thought that Shaun Robinson was dating Eddie Murphy?

Aint nuthing wrong with a little plastic surgery to fix a flaw or too. Let's hope Remy don't take it to far.

3:59 PM  

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