Nicole: America's Next Top Nobody

Look who we found hiding way in the back of this week's edition of In Touch Magazine: America's Next Top Model's Cycle 5 winner Nicole. Here in the Hood we affectionately call her America's Next Top Nobody, hence the title of this blog entry. If tyra thinks these photos scream "I'm a Supemodel Diva," we must be deaf like our girl Fox Boogie. Nuf said


Blogger Shawn said...

I call her ANTV. Aint nothing super about her but those teeth!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Sandi said...

I can't agree more! ANTN is a great explanation for her.

I was so disappointed in the selection of this homely person. I would really like for Tyra to explain why ANTN was selected over any and all of the other girls. I don't think she won but one event, her commercial was horrible and I think she only washed her hair on the last pic.

I didn't think Nik or Bree should have felt bad after ANTN was selected, because she was definitely a
"big fat 0" in my department!


11:04 AM  
Blogger Schanina said...

She looks like girl's that I've seen before...in all those teen magazines, and in Jane. Nik will be a diva...look at Mercedes sometimes 2nd place is all good too!

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she really needs to learn to keep her tongue in her mouth. it's always just hanging out behind her teeth waiting to say hi to everyone. and it's gross

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand Nicole.She takes terrible pictures and she can't walk to save her life.Tyra had to be playing when she made that decision.Bre should've won,she was perfect!

4:56 PM  

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