Monie Love Schools Young Jeezy

"Monie in the middle, where she at? In the Middle." That used to be my SONG!!! Shout out to Monie Love, who now hosts a radio show on 100.3 The Beat in Philly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Miss PR, I have a comment on this one. I think hip-hop has evolved over time like anything does and to say that it's dead is a bit extreme. I think it's fair for people to say that they are disappointed in the way it has evolved, but the truth of the matter is that everyone doesn't feel that way b/c it's selling. Yes, hip-hop lyrics are not as conscious as they used to be back in the day and they do seem to be filled with anger, but society has evolved to that as well. And I agree that a lot of people rap about their environments. It's unfortunate but we first have to fix the problems in these rapper's environments so they want have these negative things to rap about.

10:56 AM  
Blogger MissPR said...

I think you make some very valid points. Thanks for the comment.

11:26 AM  

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