New Alicia Keys Website Launched

I can't wait for her to put out some new music!

Nov. 21-J Records and Alicia Keys announce the creation of a new ground-breaking Alicia Keys Fan Club, housed at www.ALICIAKEYS.com, re-launching on November 21st. ALICIAKEYS.com will be the next generation of fan club sites with exclusive content including Alicia's insightful personal audio blog, Alicia Keys' Book Club, all released audio, bonus tracks, videos, behind-the-scenes photos, interviews and unreleased mobile ringtones, voicetones and ringbacks. Members who enroll in Alicia Keys Fan Club will receive an exciting all access pass to the exclusive world of Alicia Keys and her current projects in music, film, charity and production. Alicia Keys is excited to foster an intimate environment, through this site, where fans can share in her thoughts, dreams and inspirations. More


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