Throw Back Video: Your Mama's on Crack Rock

Am I the only person that remembers this song? This used to be the song when I was a kid. Check out the overalls with one strap hanging down. Yeah , I used to wear my Guess overalls like that back in the 8th grade. Quit fronting like you didn't used to sport those too. And remember Skidz and Used Jeans? Don't even get me started. Anyway, I used to watch this video at my grandma's house because they used to play it on The Box at least 50 times a day. Those were the good old days! [Nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah LOL]


Anonymous Zet said...

This.....is.....HILARIOUS!!! I remember this song and I am crackin' up right now! Girl, I was in the 8th grade too! Hilarious...

5:41 AM  

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