Flav's Deelishis Update

Let me start by saying, I can't wait to see Deelishis (and Bootz) "mop the floor" with New York on this Sunday's reunion show!!!!
Looks like there could be a little Flav in the oven! Nah...She's just bloated. Deelishis was spotted at a Detroit Club recently and she's missing her man because she hasn't seen Flav in four months. Check out her interview with BET.com for the scoop.

BET.com: Congrats on your win! How are you feeling?

Deelishis: I’m feeling great. I am involved with the greatest guy and his name is William Drayden! We’ve been separated for four months. Contractually, we could not be seen in public together and that was hard. But I wrote a lot of letters, sent him pictures, and we talked on the phone. He was on his tour with Public Enemy and I did promos with King…, so we had other things going on in our lives to keep us occupied. But now it’s finally over. Today is the beginning of our courtship without 19 other women in the picture.

BET.com: Your feelings for Flav sound so genuine, yet many viewers can’t picture you, or anybody for that matter, having real feelings for him.

Deelishis: My feelings are genuine, and I really don’t care to explain it. People will hopefully see a wonderful outcome and eventually come to see it for themselves. It’s real.

BET.com: How did you feel when you heard Flav tell New York he loved her?

Deelishis: We recognized he loved her when he wanted her back on the show. He’s a person who is easy to love, so it’s easy for him to love. When I heard him say that, I was confused. I thought it was the end, but they had history and that love may have been a respect thing.

BET.com: Did you feel bad for her when she lashed out at Flav?

Deelishis: No, she was a tad bit extra for me. I never witnessed a true moment for her until that moment. You would never see New York pull her weave behind her ear. That was the only time she was real. She was humiliated.

BET.com: Were you upset to find out that New York and Flav slept together?

Deelishis: During the Belize trip, yeah, I was upset because I thought my connection with him was crazy. But prior to that point, it was whatever. I wasn’t sleeping with him, so maybe he just wanted to get his rocks off.

In the end, I won. And If he didn’t pick me, I would have thought it was all for TV.

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