Let's Talk Project Runway! ULI is the Real Winner

Michael Knight: Hollyhoodbuzz PR Runner Up
Why is everyone hating on Michael Knight so hard?

I've checked out a few of my favorite blogs and PR fans are leaving crazy comments about how "disappointing" and "hideous" Michael's collection was.

I'm sorry, but I beg to differ. Do I think his collection was the best? No, it wasn't a winning collection, but I thought it was decent.

I was proud of him for making it to the final four and I would have paid my hard-earned money for several of those pieces. And it sounds like his girl, singer Brandy is a BIG fan!

Jeffrey Sebelia

Next, Jeffrey Sebelia should not have won. His collection is made specifically for anorexic, bulimic, superficial chicks in LA, which means most people in America wouldn't wear his designs to their own funerals.

The dress with the funky zipper was ok, but the jury's is still out regarding if he even sewed his own stuff or had some "outside" help.

Come on people, even thought they couldn't prove it on the show, you know he cheated!!!!

Uli: Hollyhoodbuzz PR WINNER
And finally, Uli had the best collection and she was ROBBED!!!

Her collection was beautiful, and celebrities are already hunting her down to have her design for them.

She could design circles around Jeffrey.

Laura's collection was so horrible, I won't even bother commenting further.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Uli was the clear winner. I love Michael Knight and thought he did an okay job. I think in the future, project runway should allow the viewers to help pick the winner. The judges should have some say, but the ultimate decision should be the viewers because after all we will be the ones buying the designs.

12:21 AM  

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