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Lil' Kim's PR rep disses her in leaked email

Rule #4080: Industry people are shady. That applies to PR people as well. In what is probably one of her most embarrassing moments, Lil Kim's publicist 5WPR exec Tracey Nguyen sent an email to Britney Spear's manager Dan Dymtrow criticizing Spears' much-talked-about, unflattering interview with Matt Lauer.

According to Lowdown's Lloyd Grove who was given a copy of the email by Dymtrow, Nguyen wrote to Brit's manager: "I would NEVER allow any of my clients to do an interview, let alone such an important one as the one that Britney just did, without being there to make sure that the questions that were being asked were appropriate, and also to make sure that she looked her best on camera at all times."

Offering to handle Brit "for less than what your current publicist is charging you and do 10 times better of a job," Nguyen claimed: "A perfect example that I can present is what I was able to do for Lil' Kim. Two years ago, no one wanted to touch her. She was perceived as a raunchy rapper who had gone way too far with her plastic surgery. … I see Britney today in the same position that Kim was once in."

Lloyd Grove shared the email with Brit's longtime uber-publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik who called Nguyen up on the phone and ripped her a new one. Zelnik said "She must not have taken PR 101, where they teach you: When you're trying to steal other people's clients, don't diss your own."

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